The tool that fits in your hand…the hand approach!

You have survied day 2 of high school and of the global writing block! You have taken your reading diagnoistic, signed up for,, and Google Classroom. You have leared how to access this blog. AND…you learned how to brainstorm for an essay using your hand!

I don’t know about you, but I think that is pretty darn cool…and a lot to accomplish in your first two days of high school. 

Remember that the hand approach is a tool you can use beyond the realm of AICE General Paper! You can use it to brainstorm a lot of things…but especially for AP Seminar and AICE Global Perspectives 🙂 

I thought as a review, and in case you lost your notes on the way home, I would share my page of notes below: 




Welcome to Miss. Krzyzanowski’s student blog and the Global Writing Block!

You are now taking three English class in one!!! If it sounds a bit intense, then you are correct. It is not going to be a simple year…it is going to be a challenging year. But, you can do this! I promise!

This is a space for you to access forms and information regarding our class to make things a bit easier. It also a place for us to share our learning throughout the year with our families and the education community! We WILL be adding to the academic conversation on here, just like you will add to research conversations with your various projects all year!

As the year moves forward, I plan for this blog to a space for me to share samples with you and to also give shout outs to students who make great accomplishiments of all sorts.

Welcome to the Global Writing Block! I look forward to learning and writing with you this year! Its going to be a crazy, chaotic, fun filled year. If you never take the chance, you will never know what you could have accomplished.

Miss Krzyzanowski