Expository Essays: A Review

We have spent the last 5 days learning how to write an expository essay! It has been a journey and mistakes have been made, even on Miss. K’s part, but you have produced some fantastic writing so far!

You’ve slowly taken the ideas of multiple people and put them into a single expository essay. You have worked to find your space in the classroom….


Now it is time to show me what you have learned!

Tomorrow you will be asked to write an expository essay as a final assessment. You will have two class periods to brainstorm, create, edit, and finalize a handwritten expository essay of 500-600 words. YOU CAN DO THIS! You have practiced and now read multiple expository essays that your peers have written. Some of you have even attended a writing workshop for extra help!

BUT, you may still be a little worried. This is natural. It IS your FIRST real assessment for me, and so I have created a list of the following tips and reminders to help calm your nerves!

  • Introduction:
    • Have a THESIS (think….something is something because A + B + C…). Remember that is is OK to only have two main points! You want to give your reader insight into what you are going to write about.
    • Hook your reader into your essay…give them something to think about or something to relate to with in the context of your essay. If you are talking about soccer, maybe give a name like Christiano Ronaldo (shout-out to Natalia in block 2) because many people would know of the player, even Miss. K! This also helps to add perspectives into your essay 🙂
    • USE PROMPT LANGUAGE (get it yet?)
  • Body Paragraphs:
    • Each body paragraph should have its own claim, that stems from your thesis. Your goal is to have your claims in the same order as they are laid out in your thesis. 
    • Make sure to help your reader CEE your point.
      • Give a Claim,
      • Then Explain your claim using student voice,
      • Follow it by giving Evidence that supports your claim,
      • And then make sure that you explain the evidence and tie it back to your prompt.
    • USE PROMPT LANGUAGE (still!)
  • Conclusion:
    • Restate your thesis, but do not write it word for word. You do not want to bore your reader!
    • Add some type of special feature or new content to help your reader to keep thinking about the topic after they have set down your essay.

** The point of using prompt language is to help you stay focused and to remind your reader about your essay topic!**

I will be around tomorrow morning prior to the bell ringing to start 1st period. Feel free to stop by and ask questions. Or shoot me an email or Remind message tonight.

I gave you a preview of the prompts at the end of class today! And told you that notes are OK to bring with you, to help you out with this first essay 🙂 Just remember, the notes are on CONTENT, not how to write the essay.

YOU ARE GOING TO ROCK THIS! You are prepared and ready to wow me as a reader! I cannot wait to see what you come up with 🙂


Miss Krzyzanowski

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