IRR Sample Analysis – Explanation

This week you were asked to read a sample IRR on Google Classroom and to analyze it through the following 6 questions:

  1. What local, global, or national perspectives are included in the essay?
  2. Does the essay establish why the topic is significant? How?
  3. Are the sources varied? How do you know?
  4. Does the essay examine the reasoning and validity of the sources?
  5. Does the writer of the essay make connections between the different perspectives or does the writer explain them in isolation? Explain.
  6. Does the writer maintain an academic tone or is the style overly casual/conversational?

Note: Question 3 is asking about the variety of source types and Question 5 is asking about the reasoning (aka line of reasoning).

Below are images of my analyzed and annotated version of the sample IRR. Review these images and the answers you gave me, to see how the essays shows proficiency in all 6 rubric rows.


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