Work Hard, then Play Hard…Block Party 2017

To my students, you are rock stars!

To their parents & guardians, thank you for your support!

You have all survived the block!

The students have worked hard all year. They have learned to argue, and critique sources, as well as write lengthy coherent essays and present their research findings.

Today we celebrated this survival with a whole lot of PLAY! I wanted to share the day we had because it was fabulous. I apologize in advance for the overload of photos! Over the past week, whenever we could steal a few moments, I allowed them to plan the day out based on their likes. Here are the results of the planning:

The students in Block 1 enjoyed a fun game of water balloon toss, then a game of red vs. blue kickball, and rounded it out with some bagels & class superlatives! There was even a jar of jelly beans that students guessed at the amount of, and the Oreo game, where you have to try and move the oreo from your eye to your mouth without using your hands. Victoria helped me photograph the game outside and the photos came out great!

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Then I got to move on to Block 2, where we went out and played kickball and board games depending on preference. There were games of kickball, stratego, twister, and football all occurring at the same time! It started to get quite hot so we headed inside to enjoy some Tomasso’s pizza, snacks that were brought in, and some more board games and cards. While outside, Jessica D. did a great job at helping me photograph the games!

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Lastly, I ran over to Moe’s and got the catering pick up that our fantastic party planner Christina put together! I met up with Block 3 and we headed back outside, for guess what….another game of kickball. I may have rubbed off my love of kickball onto my students! We even had Brianna as our amazing photographer, who took over 300 photos! I am only sharing a handful of what she sent me! Once the game was over we went back in and ate some Moe’s and just hung out.

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I feel blessed to get to work with these students and to see the smiles on their faces. Today was fantastic and simply shows me how much these students have grown over the year! We have a few more weeks left in the year and I am positive the bonds they have created will continue to grow.

Next on the Agenda? Finishing Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare! And becoming sophomores!

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