Summer Sizzle 2017

It is time for your first assignment…that is not a diagnostic assessment or parent signature!

Today in class, I introduced you to Summer Sizzle 2017. Tomorrow your knowledge will be put to the test (with your teams support). Tonight your goal is to become more of an expert of 4 or 5 of the key phrases that I shared with you:

  • Nuclear Warfare
  • Olympics
  • Terrorism
  • Mexico
  • Immigration
  • Health Care
  • Charlie Gard
  • Paris Accord
  • Sequels
  • Opioid Crisis
  • Boy Scouts
  • Military Enrollment
  • Travel space (i.e. airplanes)
  • O. J. Simpson
  • Who
  • French Open
  • Job availability
  • Game of Thrones
  • Croatia/Tourism
  • Cholera
  • White House changes
  • Venezuela
  • Brexit
  • Russia
  • Gun violence
  • Climate Change
  • Affirmative Action
  • Detroit Public Schools
  • Great Lakes
  • Flint, Michigan
  • Autonomous Driving
  • Electric Cars
  • Charlottesville, VA
  • Eclipse

Based on your knowledge of these topics (as a team) you will compete to earn points in class tomorrow. Remember, there is no way that we can become an expert over night on ALL of these topics, so pick about 4 or 5 of them to focus on!

As you do your research, remember to be using credible sources. Some examples are:

  • BBC News/digital/podcast
  • New York Times – newspaper/podcast
  • Washington Times – newspaper
  • Washington Post – newspaper
  • Los Angeles Times – newspaper
  • Chicago Tribune – newspaper
  • CNN – cable T.V. news
  • U.S. News & World Report – magazine
  • Fox – cable T.V. news
  • ABC – broadcast T.V. news
  • CBS – broadcast T.V. news
  • PBS News
  • National Public Radio
  • ESPN

You are not limited to these news sources…just be on the watch for FAKE NEWS! 

Over the weekend, you will reflect on what you learned through your research and the discussion in class on Friday and you will submit your Summer Sizzle Reflection to Google Classroom. Do not forget to hit Submit/Turn In on Google Classroom to avoid getting a late penalty. This assignment is due online by Monday August 21st at 8:30am.

Last thing to remember…these are your goals:

  1. Learn what is the “big news” from the past few months…think May 2017 to Today!
  2. Practice your public speaking skills
  3. Learning to RESEARCH using credible news sources
  4. Learning to question to learn
    • Hint: Ask open ended questions, not questions that can be answered yes or no!
  5. Learn how to use Google Classroom


Keep up the great work Global Writers!

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