The Week Ahead: 8/21/17 to 8/25/17

You have made it to week TWO of high school! Are you ready?

**This was updated on 8.21.17 @7:30am**

Let me introduce you to the weekly blog  post called “The Week Ahead.” This is a tool for YOU to know what is coming up for the week, and also so that you can access paperwork if you happen to miss class or misplace something. This can also help me to make fewer copies…because you have access to print out any additional copies that you may need. Anything that shows up highlighted in orange is going to be a hyperlink to either another website OR a document. 

Here is what is on the agenda for this week:

Monday: We will be completing a bunch of introduction activities.

  • First you will learn about the Growth Mindset bell ringers that you will complete at the beginning of class each day. These assignments will be graded monthly under the General Paper gradebook.
  • While you work on your first bell-ringer, you will also check for your peer’s supplies! Don’t forget to bring them all into class each day!
  • Then we will move into the Current Events Weekly Assignment. The goal of this assignment is to ensure that you are reading the news and staying in touch with the world beyond our classroom. This will also help you with reading, writing, summary skills, and learning new vocabulary. For each assignment, you will submit a Current Events Weekly Assignment Worksheet along with a copy of the article or notes from the listening you complete. You can find all of this under that “AICE General Paper” >”Current Events” Tab. Your first one will be due Friday August 25th in class.
  • We will also focus on learning how to write a summary. Your homework will be to practice writing a summary using the steps we go over in class. Here are the three pages that we will review/use in class. (This activity will be moved to Tuesday due to low attendance on Monday)
  • In place of the activity on Summary Writing, you will take the NoRedInk diagnostic on Monday. If you are absent you can still work on this assignment by going to and creating a student account. The class code is: tangy soup 46


Tuesday and Wednesday: We will be reviewing the General Paper rubric and exam format. We will also begin discussing the essay styles that can be written on the General Paper exam, and how to use the hand approach with them. Check out the General Paper page to learn more!

Thursday: We will practice prompt identification and look at the types of essays that you can write on the General Paper exam. Then, you will have a quiz on prompt identification. You will also take an online diagnostic for your knowledge of grammar. Based on that I will create bi-weekly grammar assignments from a website called NoRedInk.

Friday: You will share your current event assignment with a peer and complete an additional activity looking at new General Paper prompts. We will also watch CNN 10 to review the major news from the week. Over the weekend you will complete some growth mindset journal entries for the second and third weeks in your packet.

Now that you know what’s up ahead, what’s your goal this week?


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