Review: Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Today was a hectic day, getting everyone back on track and caught up from missing Monday, plus our classes were shortened due to the behavior presentations all week. 

Here are the two videos that we watched in class today:

In class we reviewed how to write a summary. These directions are located on the week ahead post.

Here is the homework for the night:

Blocks 1 & 2 – Find a Ted Talk at that is about 6 minutes long. Watch it 2x, the second time take notes using the worksheet from class. Then, write a summary. Attach the summary to the notes; submit it in class tomorrow.

Block 3 – Re-watch the Amy Cuddy video linked above. Take notes the second time you watch and write a summary of the video. The notes and the summary will be submitted in class tomorrow. EC: Write a summary (with notes) of the Carol Dweck video and earn 5 extra points.

See you tomorrow! 

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