The Week Ahead: 8/28/17 to 9/1/17

This week we will be working on an expository essay unit that looks into issues in the American education system, and what people are doing to combat the problems. By the end of the week, you will have created an expository essay and learned about some really neat school systems that are being put into place in our country. 

As the week rolls through, I will be adding resources and information to this post. Please check back to digital copies of directions & more. We will also be utilizing Google Classroom and this week, so be sure to be paying attention to submission guidelines and times!

Monday: In class on Monday we will be reviewing the purpose of expository writing (to explain an idea or share information). We will also be looking at a sample expository essay and I will introduce you to this week’s topic a bit more. The main focus will be at the body paragraphs of the sample essay so that you can see how to use “claim, explain, evidence” in your essay! Lastly, you will sign up for If you miss class, be sure to reference your Technology Procedures packet from day one to learn how to sign up!

Tuesday: Class time on Tuesday will be devoted to gathering information and taking notes. When you log into Google Classroom on Tuesday you will see a hyperdoc filled with links that will give you access to a number of resources to help you answer the prompt of the week. Your homework will be to settle on the three to four main claims you want to make in your essay, and create topic sentences using them for your body paragraphs.

Wednesday: Once you have your information and your topic sentences, you can begin to put your “Claim, Explain, Evidence” or CEE skills to use and create some body paragraphs. We will also discuss how to use prompt language to increase your essay’s focus! Your homework will be to finalize your body paragraphs. Make sure you are referencing the sources that you use!

Thursday: In backwards, and Miss K, fashion, we will be focusing on introductions and conclusions in your final lesson of the week. You will finally start to see your essay take form! Your homework will be to finalize your current events assignment.  Make sure you review the notes I give you in your assignment from last week to ensure that you earn as many points as possible this week.

Friday: In class on Friday, you will be working to finish your essay through peer editing and individual proofreading.  Remember that this essay will be graded on the General Paper rubric! You have a “student friendly” copy in your notes along with the one linked to in this post. Miss K will be away, but that does not mean that the “cats” can play! Make sure you use your class time efficiently because your essay is due to Google Classroom and by 10pm. No later or it will be penalized the regular late policy. Your homework over the weekend will be to finalize and practice your summer reading project. We will take time this week to review the directions and presentation tips!

Next week is a 4 day week! The next blog post will be up by Monday evening!

Have a fabulous LONG weekend!

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