The Week Ahead: 9/25/17 to 9/29/17

Over the weekend students should have:

…found an article, RAVENed it on a loose leaf sheet of paper, with their name on the top. Also, they should have written out a statement that says whether or not they feel that it would be used in research, and if they feel you would need any additional sources to support it. Also write out the author’s name, and title of the article, OR print out the article. 

This assignment will be used in class on Monday. Class will be devoted to reviewing RAVEN and MLA citations. MLA citations are key to ensuring that you will not plagiarize when you write your research essays in the future. Here is the presentation that we will review in class. Over the next few weeks we will be practicing MLA format and citations – there will be a test on MLA in a few weeks. The date is TBD. For homework you will read Chapters 1 & 2 in the text “Good Reasons with Contemporary Arguments” and complete the notes handed out in class. As always, here is a copy of the notes in case you need to print them out. This will be due on Tuesday.

Grades should be updated on Edline by the end of Monday every week from here forward. 

On Tuesday, the class will be rolling into argumentation skills and will be learning line of reasoning (LOR). We will take notes and practice how to break down others arguments. If you follow this link you can find the notes and lesson. For homework  you will be given an article in class, which you will use on Wednesday. Your job Tuesday night is to read the article, annotate it, RAVEN it, and cite it. This will be a grade of 25 points (10 points – annotate, 10 points – RAVEN, 5 points – citation) and it will go into your Global gradebook.

You will bring that article back to class (annotated, cited, RAVENed) on Wednesday and you will use that article to create a team presentation of the LOR. In class, you will present that LOR, and credibility. This will be a team grade and will be graded using this rubric. This grade will go into your Global gradebook.

Thursday and Friday we will be looking at arguments/information about class rank and will be having a class discussion. The reading assignment will be handed out in class on Thursday. Your homework due Friday is your current events assignment. If you completed the assignment last week, you may submit that copy!

And just like that, we will be in October!

As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please reach out via email or find me in my room before school, after school, or at lunch!

My goal is to hand back your expository essays on Friday September 29th, 2017. These essays are works in progress and the first major essay of the year, therefore you will have the option to rewrite the essay. It will be due on Friday October 6th, 2017 in class, printed out. You will keep all of the comments on the copy in Google Classroom, so that I can go back and compare the two essays. This is a requirement of this grade change! If you do not leave the comments, I cannot compare the essays to see what you changed, and therefore I cannot change your grade.


The Week Ahead: 9/18/17 to 9/22/17

Welcome back!

This week we will be starting where we left off!

Today, Monday, in class students reflected on their experience of Hurricane Irma by writing six word memoirs. I anticipated there being absences…but ALL students were present! WooHoo! If students did not finish their memoir in class, they must finish it for homework! 

Tuesday students will be finishing their summer reading presentations…this will be the final day of presentations! Students will also take home their progress reports which will need to be signed and returned to Miss K by Friday September 22, 2017.  

On Wednesday, students will complete their first Palm Beach Performance Assessment which is a practice FSA type essay. This will be expository and completed in class.

On Thursday there will be no class because school will be closed.

On Friday, students will be introduce to RAVEN, a way to analyze an article/source for reliability! This will be the first major research lesson of the year! The homework for this lesson will be to choose an article from the world wide web, summarize it, and analyze it using the RAVEN acronym.

Please keep watching the news! There is so much happening in the world and there is no way that we can talk about all of it in class. As your family about it and start a nice dinner time discussion! Learn about their perspectives of the topic!


RReputation: What do you know about the reputation of the author, the sources, and/or the publication?

AAbility to observe: Is the author in a position that allows access to reliable evidence? If the article is about an event, did the author actually observe the event?

VVested Interest: Does the author have a personal stake in the topic or event? Would the author gain anything by lying? Would the author gain anything by telling the truth?

EExpertise: Does the author have specialized knowledge on the topic or event? Is the author considered an expert in the field? Does the evidence come from a source that has expertise on the topic or event?

NNeutrality: Is the author neutral about the issue or is bias evident? Is the source of the evidence neutral or biased?


Open House 2017

Here is my PowerPoint from Open House on September 5th, 2017: OpenHouse2017

Here is the contact information that I gave out:



Grades: – Updated by district Monday’s

Remind: Codes available on blog in the Tech. Procedures

It was a joy to meet everyone. If there are any further questions, please feel free to email me! If you were unable to attend and would like to meet or chat please email me to set up a time.

Thank you! !


Update 9/4/17: Hurricane Irma & the Global Writing Block

Here is how we will adjust out plans over the next week (or so):

Summer Reading Presentations – Those signed up to present Wednesday will still present. Those signed up to present Thursday will present the day we return from the school closure.

Summer Reading Reflection – This assignment will be cancelled. You WILL NOT submit this assignment to me…ever.

Current Event Assignment – The next current event assignment will be due the next Friday we are in school. This week we will skip the assignment…it will not be due…ever.

“Ripe Figs” by Kate Chopin – This is due either tomorrow or you may submit the assignment when we return from the school closure.

We will continue to roll with the punches as Hurricane Irma approaches Boca Raton. Please keep updated with district via Facebook & Twitter.

Stay safe, dry, and I will see you when it subsides….and also tomorrow because we still will have class.


The Week Ahead: 9/5/17 to 9/10/17

Hey Global Writers!

It is going to be a short and quick week! 

We will be spending most of the week learning about all of the (auto)biographies that you read this summer! I am excited to see you present and share all of the information you have learned. These presentations will take our class time Tuesday through Thursday.

Tuesday night I will get the chance to meet your parent’s and guardian’s. Remember to give them your schedule and some tips on how to get from one class to the next!

For homework I will hand out a copy of “Ripe Figs” by Kate Chopin on Tuesday. The story will be accompanied with some multiple choice questions and a short answer question. It will be due on Thursday in class and should be completed in pen. The goal of the assignment is to prepare you for your FSA reading exam! We will talk about it in class on Thursday. In addition to this assignment, you will have your third current events assignment due on Friday.

On Friday you will take your first Palm Beach Performance Assessment. This will be a practice for your FSA writing exam. This essay will be written in class 100% and submitted at the end of the period. It will be an informative essay which means that it will follow the same guidelines as your expository essay last week.

Over the weekend, you will write your Summer Reading Reflection which will be due on Monday September 11th, 2017 by 11:59pm to both Google Classroom and

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