The Week Ahead: 9/25/17 to 9/29/17

Over the weekend students should have:

…found an article, RAVENed it on a loose leaf sheet of paper, with their name on the top. Also, they should have written out a statement that says whether or not they feel that it would be used in research, and if they feel you would need any additional sources to support it. Also write out the author’s name, and title of the article, OR print out the article. 

This assignment will be used in class on Monday. Class will be devoted to reviewing RAVEN and MLA citations. MLA citations are key to ensuring that you will not plagiarize when you write your research essays in the future. Here is the presentation that we will review in class. Over the next few weeks we will be practicing MLA format and citations – there will be a test on MLA in a few weeks. The date is TBD. For homework you will read Chapters 1 & 2 in the text “Good Reasons with Contemporary Arguments” and complete the notes handed out in class. As always, here is a copy of the notes in case you need to print them out. This will be due on Tuesday.

Grades should be updated on Edline by the end of Monday every week from here forward. 

On Tuesday, the class will be rolling into argumentation skills and will be learning line of reasoning (LOR). We will take notes and practice how to break down others arguments. If you follow this link you can find the notes and lesson. For homework  you will be given an article in class, which you will use on Wednesday. Your job Tuesday night is to read the article, annotate it, RAVEN it, and cite it. This will be a grade of 25 points (10 points – annotate, 10 points – RAVEN, 5 points – citation) and it will go into your Global gradebook.

You will bring that article back to class (annotated, cited, RAVENed) on Wednesday and you will use that article to create a team presentation of the LOR. In class, you will present that LOR, and credibility. This will be a team grade and will be graded using this rubric. This grade will go into your Global gradebook.

Thursday and Friday we will be looking at arguments/information about class rank and will be having a class discussion. The reading assignment will be handed out in class on Thursday. Your homework due Friday is your current events assignment. If you completed the assignment last week, you may submit that copy!

And just like that, we will be in October!

As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please reach out via email or find me in my room before school, after school, or at lunch!

My goal is to hand back your expository essays on Friday September 29th, 2017. These essays are works in progress and the first major essay of the year, therefore you will have the option to rewrite the essay. It will be due on Friday October 6th, 2017 in class, printed out. You will keep all of the comments on the copy in Google Classroom, so that I can go back and compare the two essays. This is a requirement of this grade change! If you do not leave the comments, I cannot compare the essays to see what you changed, and therefore I cannot change your grade.

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