The Week Ahead: 10/30/17 to 11/3/17

Can you believe that this week signals the end of October?

I will be out of the classroom on Monday and Tuesday. There are thorough directions laid out on Google Classroom, along with all the necessary documents, for you to complete the required assignment. Make sure to read all of the documents carefully. This will be the foundation for your next essay and so it is imperative that you are paying close attention to all of the readings. Be prepared to discuss all of the material on Friday, in class.

* If you and your team would like to stay after school Monday and Tuesday to work on your team project, you can go to the Homework Cafe in Mr. Benskin’s classroom. The details are on the whiteboard. *

Wednesday and Thursday you will be presenting your team project. One team member (whoever “owns” the presentation) must submit the Google Slides/Presentation to Google Classroom by 11:59pm on Tuesday night in the correct assignment. 

Your current event assignment #2 is due Friday at the beginning of class. 

On Friday, we will spend the class discussing the materials that you read in class on Monday and Tuesday. Anything that you cannot finish in class, will be homework, so that you are prepared for class on Friday.

If you have ANY questions while I am at training on Monday and Tuesday, please email me! I will have access to my laptop & email most of the time.

One last note, if you are looking to raise your LOR grade, you may complete corrections for question #3 to earn up to the full 14 points. You MUST staple the original test to the corrections. These corrections are due by Friday, November 3rd, in class. No digital copies will be accepted. If you have questions ASK FOR HELP!


Miss Krzyzanowski


Comments on the LOR Test (October)

A few weeks ago you took what I called a Line of Reasoning test. I asked you to focus on questions 1a, 1b, and 3. Through the answers to these you were to show me that you understand what makes an argument strong.

I gave you the AICE Global Perspectives test from May/June 2016.

Question Paper


Mark Scheme

There was a wide range of grades but most of the mistakes were common across the board.

The number one issue was that when asked to explain you wrote examples. The way I differentiate between these two phrases are as so:

  • Explain -> answer the WHY of a question
    • Why does the answer you have given support the question?
    • Why does it matter if the author is credible?
    • Why does an author need to include examples?
  • Examples -> answer the WHAT/HOW of a question
    • How did the author show that? What examples did they use?

This mix up lead to many students giving a list of examples without ever explaining why they were using them to support the claim. It is great if you can provide an example, but only if you can tell your reader why that example is important to answering the question.

These are key elements to putting together an argument. Not just stating here is a bunch of evidence, but telling your reader or audience why the evidence is important in the context of your argument. If you are arguing for smaller class sizes, and you tell me that at a school they have class sizes of 12….what else can you tell me about why it matters!?!?! Do not leave your audience hanging or confused. You need to fully explain your reasoning.

Below is an example of a “perfect” test. It is not 100% perfect, but it is a good example.

Remember, this test was only worth 20 points. In the grand scheme of the quarter, it is not the end of the world if you did not do well on this test. But, use it to learn from. Come at lunch and ask me questions about the grade of your test. Keep it to review. Re-write the answers to see if you can answer the question differently.

Hold onto this test so that you can review it when it comes to test season!

Keep up the great work!

Miss Krzyzanowski

(Credits to Christina Bell and Olivia Janzen)

1a. Eco-cities have many benefits. One benefit is that building them might end national conflicts. Another benefit is that eco-cities can provide us with a new way of living. In the future, the middle-class people will be able to live in urbanized homes.

1b. There are a few reasons why the author thinks eco-cities will not bring benefits to everyone. One reason that it will not be beneficial to everyone is because they are too expensive. Only wealthy people can move into eco-cities which is not helping fix urban growth, because it is just giving the wealthy people somewhere to run away to. Another reason why eco-cities might not benefit us is because it might lead to segregation. Eco-cities will just split people up and put the wealthier people into their own “gated community.” Eco-cities may not benefit all people.

**This is one of the few answers that used similar claims, but differentiated the explanations which is why this answer was allowed.**

3. Document 2’s argument has a more convincing argument than Document 1. This is because it stays focused on its main claim, which is that eco-cities are beneficial to its country. It gives strong reasons on the effects of building an eco-city. However, in Document 1, it does not give descriptive explanation on how it would affect the people and the world if they build an eco-city. Both documents give evidence that supports their argument. For example, they both have facts on eco-cities. One thing that makes Document 2 stand out is that its counter claim flowed into the article, and it did not confuse the reader on which side the argument is on for the eco-cities. On the other side, Document 1 was confusing on if it was pre-eco-cities or against eco-cities.

However, Document 2 did show some weaknesses. The main one was that it only referenced China and what they are doing with “new urbanization.” This is a major flaw because in a global argument you want it to have an effect on everyone and everywhere. Document 1 did cite many different countries. Another weakness in Document 2 was that it did not cite any sources in the article. this is not good for the article because it does not give it credibility or accuracy. In Document 1, they did cite an article. For example, “according to an article on” Lastly in Document 2, the author did not show expertise or did not mention any experts on the topic. This shows that the article is not all first hand evidence. However in Document 1, it mentioned a reporter from a magazine.

In conclusion, the overall argument in Document 2 was strong, through strong evidence and a clear and understandable argument.


*UPDATED* The Week Ahead: 10/23/17 to 10/27/17

I cannot believe that we are almost into November! This month has flown by and I believe that the quarter is going to fly by too! Next thing we will know, it will be Thanksgiving break!

This week we will be finishing up the team simulation project. For the past week, students have been researching various issues in education. They read multiple articles and analyzed the sources in relation to their topic and lens.

On Monday, students will be sharing their completed Annotated Bibliographies with their team mates, and collaborating to create a team solution to the problem that they investigated last week. By reading each other’s annotated bibliographies, students are able to further understand the topic, view other perspectives, and connect other’s research to their own.

On Tuesday, teams will begin to craft their argument for their team solution, by also looking at other solutions. This will then begin their process of creating their multi-media presentation. *Any student who has not had their school photo taken yet will be sent down to take it on Tuesday.*

On Wednesday, students will take a multiple choice test on MLA format and citations. To prepare for this test, they can review chapter 21 in both their Bedford Researcher, and Good Reasons with Contemporary Arguments. Once the test is over, students will continue to create their multi-media presentation and practice it. The multi-media presentation is due Wednesday evening by 11:59pm to Google Classroom by 1 student in the team.

Some things to review for your test:

  • Basic page set up (header, date, margins, page numbers, font, spacing, indentations, quotations marks vs. italics)

  • In-Text Citation basics (what to do if you remove some of the quote, parenthetical citations, quotation integration, paraphrasing)

  • Works Cited basics (order they go in, where they go in the paper, basic order of each one)

On Thursday and Friday, students will be presenting their team arguments for a solution through a multi-media presentation that will last 8-10 minutes. After their presentation, students will be asked oral defense questions about the process of research and the reasoning behind their solution. I will be inviting administration to pop in for presentations so that they can see the students perspectives on educational issues.

Update for Thursday and Friday, due to the amount of students out sick on Monday (and further anticipated absences) students will also have Thursday, and part of Friday to work on their team presentations. This will push presentations to next Wednesday and Thursday (11/1 & 11/2). We will utilize part of Friday to also look at a reading passage to get us into the Halloween mood and answer some FSA style questions and short answers. 

Last week, students received through directions for this project and should be referencing it throughout the week to remember exactly what the task and purpose is this week. In addition, students have the rubric that they will be graded on for the presentation. These can be obtained also from last weeks post.

Miss K’s Extended hours this week:

Before School Lunch After School
Monday 7am – 8:30am Full Period Until 4:15pm
Tuesday 7am – 8:30am Full Period Until 4:15pm
Wednesday 7:30am – 8:30am Full Period N/A (meeting)
Thursday 7am – 8:30am Club Meeting Until 4:15pm
Friday 7am – 8:30am Full Period N/A


There is a CURRENT EVENT ASSIGNMENT due this week on Friday. There will be a total of 7 this quarter. Students must complete a minimum of three of them via podcasts. Any assignment that is completed using a CNN10 video will not be accepted. Students should be focusing on  singular stories. It is highly recommended that students review the directions for this assignment to ensure that they are completing it correctly. Many students had grades drop in quarter 1 due to these assignments not being complete on time or in a complete manner. 

If you are interested, Project Life club is selling car wash tickets for $5 for their upcoming car wash this Saturday, October 28th from 10am to 2pm in the Boca High parking lot. Tickets can be purchased in my classroom, 5-103, before school, after school, and at lunch. Your support is greatly appreciated!


Weekly Motivational Thought…You guys are doing AWESOME at overcoming the difficult elements of this project!

College Pro 101: 10 Motivational Quotes for Students: Part 3


The Week Ahead: 10/16/17 to 10/20/17

And now back to our regularly scheduled posts….

This week we will begin your AP Seminar Simulation Team Project. With your assigned team you will create a research question centered around an issue in education. You will break out and research your topic through a specific lens, looking at multiple perspectives, and each student will create an annotated bibliography. You will then come back together with your team and create a multimedia presentation that explains the solution or resolution to your issue in education. This is a BIG project and we will be working over the next TWO weeks on it! So, here is how the week will work:

Monday: Meet your team & the directions for the assignment!

Tuesday: Work with your team to create your research question about an issue in education.

Wednesday: Finalize your question and your area of investigation. You will begin research too!

Thursday & Friday: Work on your annotated bibliography of 8 to 15 sources. Directions are outline in the packet you received on Monday. Your rubric can be found here. This assignment is due Sunday by 11:59 pm to Google Classroom &

** Please note, there will be NO current events assignment due this week. **

Extra Credit Announcement

This is your quarter 2 extra credit opportunity! It is also your opportunity to show your school spirit and participate in Homecoming 2017!

As you know, I am the senior class sponsor, and as you will soon find out, a spirit week participant! Each day you dress up, according to the schedule outlined below, you will earn 2 points of extra credit. That means that there are a total of 10 extra credit points up for grabs! These will be saved and will be placed into the grade books in December!

Don’t be worried about looking goofy or being the only one to dress up! Many students participate and so do I! Let’s have some fun and show off our Boca High pride!

** Please note that the dodge ball tournament on Monday evening has been canceled. **

hoco post.jpg


Expository Essay Rewrites: October 2017

I am still working on grading all the essays, but I will release them (and update the due dates) as finalize the grades. If I do not get the essays back to blocks 2 & 3 by the end of today, the grade will be moved into quarter 2.

Rewriting your expository essay is NOT mandatory, but it is highly recommended to rewrite if you scored less than a 30/50.

BLOCK 1 : Your re-write are due a week from 10/5/17 -> which means that they need to be submitted to me, following the protocol outline below by 10/12/17. They may NOT be submitted online. These are now due 10/19/17 due to the glitch in the grading system.



Note: There are 2 options to earn points back: an entire re-write or a reflection on how to improve in the future.

5 Things to Watch for in your Rewrite

  1. NO CONTRACTIONS…or other little mistakes. Edit your essay -> proofread! The little time that it takes can greatly affect your grade. Try to have someone else read it and check it for grammar and punctuation mistakes. Or go to and use their grammar checker, but make sure you actually make the changes.
  2. Use CEE! By using CEE (subClaim, Explain, Evidence) you are helping your essay stay focused which helps your reader understand your purpose better. It also allows you to check your own reasoning behind your discussion.
  3. Incorporate PROMPT LANGUAGE! Again, this helps both you the writer, and your reader to focus on your purpose. By not incorporating prompt language you ar enot going to score above a Band 4 on your General Paper content rubric. I went a little easier on this essay when it came down to it, but next time I will be looking for successful use of prompt language and will be deducting major points for it!
  4. Avoid using informal language/phrases such as:
    • “To start”
    • “Clearly”
    • “And so,”
    • “That’s the end”
    • …think about if you could say it out loud in a presentation to Dr. King….
  5. Use direct evidence & make sure that it matches the sub claim you are presenting. Do not force evidence to support a sub claim. Your sub claims are created from what the evidence tells you, not on what you think the sub claims should be before the essay has been written. Think about the tree model – it would be like putting palm fronds on a pine tree because you just wanted to make the tree have leaves.



How to Re-submit/Re-write your essay:

  1. Go back to Google Classroom and read your essay again, this time with my comments added. DO NOT RESOLVE THE COMMENTS THAT HAVE BEEN LEFT. If you get rid of those comments I will not be able to grade your re-write!
  2. Create a new Google Doc or Word document, create an MLA header, and title your essay: Expository Re-Write.
  3. Re-Write your essay using the comments that I left to guide you. I will be grading you on how well you were able to follow my directions and how well your essay fits the rubric at the end.
  4. Review the rubric and see where you think you now fall on the band scale. Leave a quick note at the bottom of your re-write that explain what you think you now earned and why you believe it – what changes did you make to raise your grade?
  5. Run your essay past a proof reader (human or digital). is a great resource for proofreading. Make any adjustments needed.
  6. PRINT OUT your new essay.
  7. Submit it (as a hard copy) to Miss Krzyzanowski in class by the due date stated above for your block. You are welcome to submit it prior to the due date! Just turn it in to the correct drawer for your block and Miss Krzyzanowski will get it.


If you decide not to re-write but would like to earn 5 points back for your essay – please go back to your returned essay, again, keeping the comments just like those who are rewriting the whole thing. Read the essay and the comments that I wrote. On a typed sheet of paper, with an MLA header, write 5-10 sentences describing what you can do to write better next time based on the comments I left. Essentially, show me how you can use my feedback to improve on a future writing assignment. This is due the same day whole re-writes are due.


The Week Ahead: 10/2/17 to 10/6/17

I apologize for the delay in posting. I was having internet issues this weekend but should be back on schedule after this!

This week we are finalizing a few items for the quarter and preparing to move forward into a big project. Before moving into the said “big” project, we need to work on a few skills.

In class on Monday students will be working on the Google Classroom assignment about the Keys to Happiness. This assignment is designed to look at the argument being made, as well as, to practice for FSA reading.

On Tuesday, we will look at a practice Global Perspectives exam, which will also allow us to practice Line of Reasoning again, focusing on the strength and weaknesses of arguments. By midnight, all students will have received their expository essays back and  new post will go up on how those essays can be re-written. The rewrites will be due on 10/10/17 in class.

Here are the samples we looked at in class:

Resource Packet

Question Packet

Mark Scheme

Here is another set to study from:

Mark Scheme

Question Paper

Resource Packet

On Wednesday, students will be tested on their understanding of Line of Reasoning. They will take an old Global Perspectives exam which will ask them to analyze two arguments and discuss their strength and weaknesses.

On Thursday, students will spend 1/2 the class grading their Palm Beach Performance Assessment to understand the FSA rubric better. Then, the 2nd 1/2 of the class will be used to introduce a public speaking mini project that students will work on through next Friday. Homework will be to complete the second to last current events assignment of the quarter. 

On Friday, students will complete a class jigsaw reading to learn about speech giving and writing.


Extra Credit Opportunity

Students may earn 20 points of extra credit to apply towards either class this quarter by completing their September bell ringer packet and submitting it by October 6th in class. The answers should be completed in whole and should be descriptive. Students will either earn all or no points. There will be no in between for partially completed packets. Students much write how many points they want put into each gradebook. For example, if a students wants to place 5 points into the General Paper gradebook, and 15 points into their Global Perspectives gradebook, they need to write it out on the cover page clearly.