The Week Ahead: 10/16/17 to 10/20/17

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This week we will begin your AP Seminar Simulation Team Project. With your assigned team you will create a research question centered around an issue in education. You will break out and research your topic through a specific lens, looking at multiple perspectives, and each student will create an annotated bibliography. You will then come back together with your team and create a multimedia presentation that explains the solution or resolution to your issue in education. This is a BIG project and we will be working over the next TWO weeks on it! So, here is how the week will work:

Monday: Meet your team & the directions for the assignment!

Tuesday: Work with your team to create your research question about an issue in education.

Wednesday: Finalize your question and your area of investigation. You will begin research too!

Thursday & Friday: Work on your annotated bibliography of 8 to 15 sources. Directions are outline in the packet you received on Monday. Your rubric can be found here. This assignment is due Sunday by 11:59 pm to Google Classroom &

** Please note, there will be NO current events assignment due this week. **

Extra Credit Announcement

This is your quarter 2 extra credit opportunity! It is also your opportunity to show your school spirit and participate in Homecoming 2017!

As you know, I am the senior class sponsor, and as you will soon find out, a spirit week participant! Each day you dress up, according to the schedule outlined below, you will earn 2 points of extra credit. That means that there are a total of 10 extra credit points up for grabs! These will be saved and will be placed into the grade books in December!

Don’t be worried about looking goofy or being the only one to dress up! Many students participate and so do I! Let’s have some fun and show off our Boca High pride!

** Please note that the dodge ball tournament on Monday evening has been canceled. **

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