*UPDATED* The Week Ahead: 10/23/17 to 10/27/17

I cannot believe that we are almost into November! This month has flown by and I believe that the quarter is going to fly by too! Next thing we will know, it will be Thanksgiving break!

This week we will be finishing up the team simulation project. For the past week, students have been researching various issues in education. They read multiple articles and analyzed the sources in relation to their topic and lens.

On Monday, students will be sharing their completed Annotated Bibliographies with their team mates, and collaborating to create a team solution to the problem that they investigated last week. By reading each other’s annotated bibliographies, students are able to further understand the topic, view other perspectives, and connect other’s research to their own.

On Tuesday, teams will begin to craft their argument for their team solution, by also looking at other solutions. This will then begin their process of creating their multi-media presentation. *Any student who has not had their school photo taken yet will be sent down to take it on Tuesday.*

On Wednesday, students will take a multiple choice test on MLA format and citations. To prepare for this test, they can review chapter 21 in both their Bedford Researcher, and Good Reasons with Contemporary Arguments. Once the test is over, students will continue to create their multi-media presentation and practice it. The multi-media presentation is due Wednesday evening by 11:59pm to Google Classroom by 1 student in the team.

Some things to review for your test:

  • Basic page set up (header, date, margins, page numbers, font, spacing, indentations, quotations marks vs. italics)

  • In-Text Citation basics (what to do if you remove some of the quote, parenthetical citations, quotation integration, paraphrasing)

  • Works Cited basics (order they go in, where they go in the paper, basic order of each one)

On Thursday and Friday, students will be presenting their team arguments for a solution through a multi-media presentation that will last 8-10 minutes. After their presentation, students will be asked oral defense questions about the process of research and the reasoning behind their solution. I will be inviting administration to pop in for presentations so that they can see the students perspectives on educational issues.

Update for Thursday and Friday, due to the amount of students out sick on Monday (and further anticipated absences) students will also have Thursday, and part of Friday to work on their team presentations. This will push presentations to next Wednesday and Thursday (11/1 & 11/2). We will utilize part of Friday to also look at a reading passage to get us into the Halloween mood and answer some FSA style questions and short answers. 

Last week, students received through directions for this project and should be referencing it throughout the week to remember exactly what the task and purpose is this week. In addition, students have the rubric that they will be graded on for the presentation. These can be obtained also from last weeks post.

Miss K’s Extended hours this week:

Before School Lunch After School
Monday 7am – 8:30am Full Period Until 4:15pm
Tuesday 7am – 8:30am Full Period Until 4:15pm
Wednesday 7:30am – 8:30am Full Period N/A (meeting)
Thursday 7am – 8:30am Club Meeting Until 4:15pm
Friday 7am – 8:30am Full Period N/A


There is a CURRENT EVENT ASSIGNMENT due this week on Friday. There will be a total of 7 this quarter. Students must complete a minimum of three of them via podcasts. Any assignment that is completed using a CNN10 video will not be accepted. Students should be focusing on  singular stories. It is highly recommended that students review the directions for this assignment to ensure that they are completing it correctly. Many students had grades drop in quarter 1 due to these assignments not being complete on time or in a complete manner. 

If you are interested, Project Life club is selling car wash tickets for $5 for their upcoming car wash this Saturday, October 28th from 10am to 2pm in the Boca High parking lot. Tickets can be purchased in my classroom, 5-103, before school, after school, and at lunch. Your support is greatly appreciated!


Weekly Motivational Thought…You guys are doing AWESOME at overcoming the difficult elements of this project!

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