The Week Ahead: 10/30/17 to 11/3/17

Can you believe that this week signals the end of October?

I will be out of the classroom on Monday and Tuesday. There are thorough directions laid out on Google Classroom, along with all the necessary documents, for you to complete the required assignment. Make sure to read all of the documents carefully. This will be the foundation for your next essay and so it is imperative that you are paying close attention to all of the readings. Be prepared to discuss all of the material on Friday, in class.

* If you and your team would like to stay after school Monday and Tuesday to work on your team project, you can go to the Homework Cafe in Mr. Benskin’s classroom. The details are on the whiteboard. *

Wednesday and Thursday you will be presenting your team project. One team member (whoever “owns” the presentation) must submit the Google Slides/Presentation to Google Classroom by 11:59pm on Tuesday night in the correct assignment. 

Your current event assignment #2 is due Friday at the beginning of class. 

On Friday, we will spend the class discussing the materials that you read in class on Monday and Tuesday. Anything that you cannot finish in class, will be homework, so that you are prepared for class on Friday.

If you have ANY questions while I am at training on Monday and Tuesday, please email me! I will have access to my laptop & email most of the time.

One last note, if you are looking to raise your LOR grade, you may complete corrections for question #3 to earn up to the full 14 points. You MUST staple the original test to the corrections. These corrections are due by Friday, November 3rd, in class. No digital copies will be accepted. If you have questions ASK FOR HELP!


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