11/30/17: I have a question about…

You gave me some GREAT questions today – so here are some answers to help you finalize your presentations tonight!

…how to long into noredink.com? 

Go to http://www.noredink.com and use appropriate class code..

Block 1: joyous gazelle 93

Block 2: bashful sea 24

Block 3: complex locket 8

Your diagnostic assignment is due December 20th! Make sure you are working on it before then…do not procrastinate…it is LONG!

…can we add information to our note cards even after we turned in our presentation?

Yes! That is fine. If you are practicing and notice that you need to add something to the oral element of your presentation, go for it!

…how to stay focused while presenting and listening?

There are many ways to stay focused. Some people can simply tell themselves to focus, and they will. Others need something to help them stay focused and be an active listener. If you are this second type of person, think about what you can do to keep your brain engaged…ask yourself as you listen about the various oral defense questions and how your presenter may answer the question using the information that they are stating. You can take notes as you watch, to help you stay engaged…or you can think about the questions we have been using the last two days about argument and presentation style. This is a skill that you will get better at as you grow up…#growthmindset

…how I can present without sounding “tight” and too serious?

Remember that you are presenting to a room full of your peers. They are also all going to be in your shoes at some point this week. The goal of your presentation is to engage THEM and not ME! Therefore, if you are “tight” and too serious, then they most likely be board. So think about what you would want to see to be engaged by a speaker. Move around a bit to help loosen up, and look around. Don’t be afraid to smile, or ask the audience questions to help engage them. This is another one that is all about practice and experience.

…how do I not be nervous?


And remember that this is still a simulation…it is a time to learn about how to complete this activity. It also is not going to determine what you do for the rest of your life. It is a chance to learn. Take deep breaths and remember that you are in a safe area with people who are here to help you – not hurt you!

…what can help with stress when presenting?

Stock answer…pretend the audience is all in their underwear.

Other answer…find a friendly face in the audience…remember that they are here to support you. Take lots of deep breaths. And see my comments in the previous answer.

…how much is too much on a slide/what is the max amount that would be appropriate/how many words should be on a slide?

There is no exact answer here. Some say the 4X5 rule, which means that there should be no more than four bullet points, with no more than five words per bullet. Some say there should never be more than 33 words per slide. Some say there should never be complete sentences. Others say that its OK.

You want to avoid having your audience pay more attention to the slide behind you than the attention they are paying to what is coming out of your mouth.

…how to include the stimulus materials?

The stimulus materials have two jobs in your presentation (and your essay). The first job is to help you create your question. So in your presentation, you should explain the theme connection between two of the materials, and how that led you to the research question. The second job is to act as evidence within your argument. The rubric says that your stimulus material evidence should play an integral part in your argument…so if it was taken away, the argument may not make sense.

…how many pictures should be included? 

This answer is similar to how many words should I have on my slide…it depends on the presentation and the style. If the topic does not call for graphs/pictures/etc, then don’t include them. If you have found images that will really help your audience understand what you are talking about, then include them. Avoid putting photos, just to put photos in your slides. That won’t help, and then it becomes “wallpaper.”

…if we need to have a counter argument?

YES! This is not an argument if you do not look at the other side…you would not be a very good persuader if you did not! Even if you have a discursive style research question, you still need to look at the other options of the answer.

Sometimes this can be presented through a solution by having limitation and implications. But, YOU DO NOT NEED TO HAVE A SOLUTION if you question does not call for one!

…how to cite sources/can the citations be verbal/do I need a Works Cited?

You need to cite everything in MLA format. This includes images!

Anything that you did not create on your own, or that is not common knowledge, needs to be cited. You can either state the source while you are talking, or you can have it on the board parenthetically. Images should be cited parenthetically.

Any thing that you cite verbally or parenthetically, should then also appear on your Works Cited (alphabetical) at the end of your presentation. Do not simply copy and paste the one from your essay, because you may not use all the sources, or you may add sources. You will need to do some extra work here!

…oral defense questions…

Oral defense questions play two parts (which is why there are 2 questions per student)…

a. they help show me how you worked through the process of the research.

b. they help show me what you think could happen in the future or where else you could see the research going.

To answer them well, you should be able to give direct examples of things that you did or research that you found. It should be more than a few words.

Practice. You have a TON of practice questions attached to your directions!

…midterms & the future of the class…

I will be explaining midterms further in the next blog post, along with posting the schedule. The post should be up by the end of tomorrow! It will outline the rest of the semester!

There will be no more “projects” this semester after you finish your presentation. When we return from winter break, you will be starting your AP Seminar Task 1…aka…your team project. The REAL DEAL!

And here are the fun ones:

What is your favorite video games?

As a child, I did not play video games, because I was not allowed to – but the few times I did play, I enjoyed the car racing game as I called it, or as you call it, Grand Theft Auto. I will admit, I had no idea what I was playing at the time 🙂

Why did Apple skip the iPhone 9, call it the X, and expect everyone to know to call it the 10? 

I have NO idea…

Why do feel smell but noses run? 

English grammar is weird…and beautiful.

Whether oranges the fruit is named after the color or the color after the fruit? 




If I ever bought milk from the same cow twice?

I wonder if anyone has done research on this…I think I feel an AP Research question coming on!

Why can we drink a drink, but we cannot food a food?

Again, English grammar is a weird, yet beautiful thing!

Why do we bake cookies and cook bacon?

This question for sure got me today – it took me a bit to figure out what it meant, but then it was great! I have no idea, beyond the last answer that English grammar is a weird, yet beautiful thing!

I am so impressed with all of the work that you have been doing, and I am seeing so much growth in you this week alone. You are going to submit and give fantastic presentations. Remember, this is a learning process and a growth process. You cannot expect to get it all right on the first try. I want you to try your best and work your hardest. Take many deep breaths and get as much sleep as possible – these both help with stress. Try and talk a walk or mediate. These also help with stress. The calmer you are walking into the presentation, the better you will be!

Best of luck,

Miss Krzyzanowski


The Current Week: 11/27/17 to 12/1/17

Better late than never, right?

I apologize for the delay in this week’s post, ladies and gentlemen. I think its the looming 12/1 date that has me all hectic this week. I PROMISE to have the post up for next week EARLY! AND that post will be for the rest of the quarter, so that you can be as well planned out as possible!

On Monday this week, we read through the directions for the Individual Multi Media Presentation and Oral Defense. From this point forward we will call the Individual Multi Media Presentation the IMP! In class, we also watched sample IMP’s with Oral Defense’s. There are 3 samples, as well as copy of all of the directions, on Google Classroom.

*Please Note: The due date for the presentation has changed – it is now due to Google Classroom by Thursday November 30th at 11:59PM.

On Tuesday, I was out of the classroom, so I challenged you with an FSA practice that also gave you a glimpse into what next year’s reading will look like…it’s nothing like what we are doing this year. I will continue to sneak those in through out the year to help you prepare! You also worked on your presentation.

I returned today to see that you needed some extra time to work on your presentations, so we have spent the day working on your presentations, reviewing what it should look like, and prepared to practice outside tomorrow. You should be ready to have a minimum of 2 peers watch your presentation on Thursday.

Friday is when we will begin presentations, which will continue through next Tuesday.

Due on Friday are 2 major assignments: Current Event #5 and bringing in your copy of A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah.

  • If you have decided to go the PDF route, you can find the PDF of the book here.
  • If you decided to use a digital version of the book, please bring an e-reader in. A cell phone will not be accepted as a reading device.
  • There are some copies of the book at Barnes and Nobles across the street, but the cheapest copies seem to be found on Amazon.

Over the weekend, you will be required to complete a Google Classroom assignment that will help set the context for your reading next week! It will be posted soon!

The countdown to the holiday break has begun!

Thanksgiving Resources (IWA and Beyond)

Many of you will be working on your IWA over Thanksgiving. Remember, it is due by November 26, 2017 by 11:59 PM to Google Classroom & TurnItIn.com.

Before submitting your essay, do the following:

  • Read your essay backwards for spelling and grammar mistakes. Your brain knows what you were supposed to write. Because of this, your brain reds what it thinks you wrote.
  • Run your essay through Grammarly.
  • Have someone else read your essay for:
    • Grammar
    • Spelling
    • Logic/Line of Reasoning
    • Citations
  • Edit your own essay using this self edit activity.
  • Double check that every citation that appears in your essay also has an entry to match it on your Works Cited page.
  • Make sure that your essay is in MLA format (header, title-question, page number, EVERYTHING is in Times New Roman size 12 font, etc).
  • Anything that did not come from your brain, or is not common knowledge is cited, even if you have paraphrased it!
  • You do not have any “hanging” quotes. All quotes should be integrated into sentences…and cited!
  • Lastly, do not have ANY contractions in your essay, unless they appear in direct quotes.

If you find yourself twiddling your thumbs over the next week, feel free to start working on your presentation. You know that practice makes perfect, so that more time you work on it during break, the more you practice the actual presentation!

You can also always focus in on the news and read some books!

Most importantly, those of you who have been sick, get better! Sleep, relax, and we will meet back on Monday November 27, 2017!

The Week(s) Ahead: 11/13/17 to 11/26/17

We have 5 days to go!

Then we will be on our first major (non natural disaster related) break of the year.

This week is focused on writing your first Individual Written Argument (aka the IWA).  Last week you spent a plethora of time narrowing down your research question and completing research.

On Monday this week, you will spend time in class starting to write your essay. Start by breaking down your context and explaining how your question connects to the stimulus materials and a theme. Remember, you must include an explanation of how two of the articles shared a theme, which stimulated the creation of your research question. The hard part with this element of the essay is how to write it NOT in first person. It will take practice and editing, but you will work through it. By 11:59pm on Monday evening, you must have 500 words written. This will be check and graded.

Note that in your Word Count checks, your Works Cited does not count towards the assignment!

Tuesday’s class will be spent looking at sample AP Seminar IWA’s from last year, as well as, analyzing the AP rubric that you will be graded on. Both of these can be found in digital form on Google Classroom. Here is a colored copy of the notes from class.

In class on Wednesday, you will spend time applying what you learned Tuesday and working towards your first 1000 words. Those 1000 words (including your first 500) are due on Wednesday by 11:59pm.

** Please note that by completing these word counts and staying on task you are helping yourself to manage your time. This is a good skill that can help you in the future – I am helping you here by modeling how you can break it down.**

The 1000 words are key because on Thursday you will completing a peer editing task. I will place this on Google Classroom as the time comes closer. If you are NOT in class on Thursday, you will be excused from the assignment, BUT I HIGHLY recommend asking someone at home to edit your paper using the process. This is a key skill and can help you increase your score significantly.

Friday’s class will be used to implement the comments from your peer editor into your paper. It will be the LAST day to ask Miss K any questions since I will be off the grid over Thanksgiving break. That means that I will be unable to answer any emails or Remind messages until we return on 11/27/17.

Miss Krzyzanowski’s After School Schedule

Monday: 3:30 PM to 5 PM

Tuesday: 3:30 PM to 4 PM

Wednesday: None

Thursday: 3:30 PM to 4:30 PM

Friday: None

Your IWA is now due on 11/26/17 by 11:59pm to Google Classroom and TurnItIn.com. This new date will allow students extra time if they have been ill, and it also gives extra time to implement any comments from peer editing. There will be NO EXTENSIONS for this due date. It is already an additional 7+ days from the original due date.

Before submitting your essay, do the following:

  • Read your essay backwards for spelling and grammar mistakes. Your brain knows what you were supposed to write. Because of this, your brain reds what it thinks you wrote.
  • Run your essay through Grammarly.
  • Have someone else read your essay for:
    • Grammar
    • Spelling
    • Logic/Line of Reasoning
    • Citations
  • Double check that every citation that appears in your essay also has an entry to match it on your Works Cited page.
  • Make sure that your essay is in MLA format (header, title-question, page number, EVERYTHING is in Times New Roman size 12 font, etc).
  • Anything that did not come from your brain, or is not common knowledge is cited, even if you have paraphrased it!
  • You do not have any “hanging” quotes. All quotes should be integrated into sentences…and cited!
  • Lastly, do not have ANY contractions in your essay, unless they appear in direct quotes.

When we return from Thanksgiving Break, you will have three days in class to work on your presentations. Your presentation will be due on November 29th, 2017 by 11:59 pm to Google Classroom. Presentations will run from 11/30/17 to 12/6/17.

You will need to obtain a copy of A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah (digital or hard copy) by 12/1/17. We will be reading this novel the last two weeks of the semester and it will be a part of your midterm exam. It can be obtained at Barnes and Noble, but I have found it to be less costly via Amazon. If you choose to use a digital copy, you MAY NOT read it off your cell phone during class. Therefore, you must have another device to read it off while on campus.

The Week Ahead: 11/6/17 to 11/10/17

This week we are moving into our first individual written argument!

Our goals this week are:

  • …be able to read and analyze multiple texts for a common theme.
  • …be able to analyze a text for purpose and credibility.
  • …be able to create a singledebatableresearchable, question.
  • …be able to use key word searches to find reliableacademic, and scholarly sources to deepen our research process.

Monday we are working on understanding the stimulus materials a little bit further. We will discuss themes and connections between the materials through a poster activity and string activity.

On Tuesday, students will use what they learned on Monday and begin to create a research questions that is a single question, and debatable and re-searchable. This process will be continued through out the week, as students complete research to refine their question.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will be a mix of research and writing. By Friday, at 11:59 pm, students will have a research log completed and submitted to Google Classroom. There will be further directions for how to complete this research log, on Google Classroom.

TWO more weeks until Thanksgiving Break!

What are you thankful for?