The Week Ahead: 11/6/17 to 11/10/17

This week we are moving into our first individual written argument!

Our goals this week are:

  • …be able to read and analyze multiple texts for a common theme.
  • …be able to analyze a text for purpose and credibility.
  • …be able to create a singledebatableresearchable, question.
  • …be able to use key word searches to find reliableacademic, and scholarly sources to deepen our research process.

Monday we are working on understanding the stimulus materials a little bit further. We will discuss themes and connections between the materials through a poster activity and string activity.

On Tuesday, students will use what they learned on Monday and begin to create a research questions that is a single question, and debatable and re-searchable. This process will be continued through out the week, as students complete research to refine their question.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will be a mix of research and writing. By Friday, at 11:59 pm, students will have a research log completed and submitted to Google Classroom. There will be further directions for how to complete this research log, on Google Classroom.

TWO more weeks until Thanksgiving Break!

What are you thankful for?

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