Thanksgiving Resources (IWA and Beyond)

Many of you will be working on your IWA over Thanksgiving. Remember, it is due by November 26, 2017 by 11:59 PM to Google Classroom &

Before submitting your essay, do the following:

  • Read your essay backwards for spelling and grammar mistakes. Your brain knows what you were supposed to write. Because of this, your brain reds what it thinks you wrote.
  • Run your essay through Grammarly.
  • Have someone else read your essay for:
    • Grammar
    • Spelling
    • Logic/Line of Reasoning
    • Citations
  • Edit your own essay using this self edit activity.
  • Double check that every citation that appears in your essay also has an entry to match it on your Works Cited page.
  • Make sure that your essay is in MLA format (header, title-question, page number, EVERYTHING is in Times New Roman size 12 font, etc).
  • Anything that did not come from your brain, or is not common knowledge is cited, even if you have paraphrased it!
  • You do not have any “hanging” quotes. All quotes should be integrated into sentences…and cited!
  • Lastly, do not have ANY contractions in your essay, unless they appear in direct quotes.

If you find yourself twiddling your thumbs over the next week, feel free to start working on your presentation. You know that practice makes perfect, so that more time you work on it during break, the more you practice the actual presentation!

You can also always focus in on the news and read some books!

Most importantly, those of you who have been sick, get better! Sleep, relax, and we will meet back on Monday November 27, 2017!

By samiannbuffalo

English Teacher, Rock Climber, Swimmer, Almost Runner, Kinda Cook, Traveler, and so much more.