The Current Week: 11/27/17 to 12/1/17

Better late than never, right?

I apologize for the delay in this week’s post, ladies and gentlemen. I think its the looming 12/1 date that has me all hectic this week. I PROMISE to have the post up for next week EARLY! AND that post will be for the rest of the quarter, so that you can be as well planned out as possible!

On Monday this week, we read through the directions for the Individual Multi Media Presentation and Oral Defense. From this point forward we will call the Individual Multi Media Presentation the IMP! In class, we also watched sample IMP’s with Oral Defense’s. There are 3 samples, as well as copy of all of the directions, on Google Classroom.

*Please Note: The due date for the presentation has changed – it is now due to Google Classroom by Thursday November 30th at 11:59PM.

On Tuesday, I was out of the classroom, so I challenged you with an FSA practice that also gave you a glimpse into what next year’s reading will look like…it’s nothing like what we are doing this year. I will continue to sneak those in through out the year to help you prepare! You also worked on your presentation.

I returned today to see that you needed some extra time to work on your presentations, so we have spent the day working on your presentations, reviewing what it should look like, and prepared to practice outside tomorrow. You should be ready to have a minimum of 2 peers watch your presentation on Thursday.

Friday is when we will begin presentations, which will continue through next Tuesday.

Due on Friday are 2 major assignments: Current Event #5 and bringing in your copy of A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah.

  • If you have decided to go the PDF route, you can find the PDF of the book here.
  • If you decided to use a digital version of the book, please bring an e-reader in. A cell phone will not be accepted as a reading device.
  • There are some copies of the book at Barnes and Nobles across the street, but the cheapest copies seem to be found on Amazon.

Over the weekend, you will be required to complete a Google Classroom assignment that will help set the context for your reading next week! It will be posted soon!

The countdown to the holiday break has begun!

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