11/30/17: I have a question about…

You gave me some GREAT questions today – so here are some answers to help you finalize your presentations tonight!

…how to long into 

Go to and use appropriate class code..

Block 1: joyous gazelle 93

Block 2: bashful sea 24

Block 3: complex locket 8

Your diagnostic assignment is due December 20th! Make sure you are working on it before then…do not procrastinate…it is LONG!

…can we add information to our note cards even after we turned in our presentation?

Yes! That is fine. If you are practicing and notice that you need to add something to the oral element of your presentation, go for it!

…how to stay focused while presenting and listening?

There are many ways to stay focused. Some people can simply tell themselves to focus, and they will. Others need something to help them stay focused and be an active listener. If you are this second type of person, think about what you can do to keep your brain engaged…ask yourself as you listen about the various oral defense questions and how your presenter may answer the question using the information that they are stating. You can take notes as you watch, to help you stay engaged…or you can think about the questions we have been using the last two days about argument and presentation style. This is a skill that you will get better at as you grow up…#growthmindset

…how I can present without sounding “tight” and too serious?

Remember that you are presenting to a room full of your peers. They are also all going to be in your shoes at some point this week. The goal of your presentation is to engage THEM and not ME! Therefore, if you are “tight” and too serious, then they most likely be board. So think about what you would want to see to be engaged by a speaker. Move around a bit to help loosen up, and look around. Don’t be afraid to smile, or ask the audience questions to help engage them. This is another one that is all about practice and experience.

…how do I not be nervous?


And remember that this is still a simulation…it is a time to learn about how to complete this activity. It also is not going to determine what you do for the rest of your life. It is a chance to learn. Take deep breaths and remember that you are in a safe area with people who are here to help you – not hurt you!

…what can help with stress when presenting?

Stock answer…pretend the audience is all in their underwear.

Other answer…find a friendly face in the audience…remember that they are here to support you. Take lots of deep breaths. And see my comments in the previous answer.

…how much is too much on a slide/what is the max amount that would be appropriate/how many words should be on a slide?

There is no exact answer here. Some say the 4X5 rule, which means that there should be no more than four bullet points, with no more than five words per bullet. Some say there should never be more than 33 words per slide. Some say there should never be complete sentences. Others say that its OK.

You want to avoid having your audience pay more attention to the slide behind you than the attention they are paying to what is coming out of your mouth.

…how to include the stimulus materials?

The stimulus materials have two jobs in your presentation (and your essay). The first job is to help you create your question. So in your presentation, you should explain the theme connection between two of the materials, and how that led you to the research question. The second job is to act as evidence within your argument. The rubric says that your stimulus material evidence should play an integral part in your argument…so if it was taken away, the argument may not make sense.

…how many pictures should be included? 

This answer is similar to how many words should I have on my slide…it depends on the presentation and the style. If the topic does not call for graphs/pictures/etc, then don’t include them. If you have found images that will really help your audience understand what you are talking about, then include them. Avoid putting photos, just to put photos in your slides. That won’t help, and then it becomes “wallpaper.”

…if we need to have a counter argument?

YES! This is not an argument if you do not look at the other side…you would not be a very good persuader if you did not! Even if you have a discursive style research question, you still need to look at the other options of the answer.

Sometimes this can be presented through a solution by having limitation and implications. But, YOU DO NOT NEED TO HAVE A SOLUTION if you question does not call for one!

…how to cite sources/can the citations be verbal/do I need a Works Cited?

You need to cite everything in MLA format. This includes images!

Anything that you did not create on your own, or that is not common knowledge, needs to be cited. You can either state the source while you are talking, or you can have it on the board parenthetically. Images should be cited parenthetically.

Any thing that you cite verbally or parenthetically, should then also appear on your Works Cited (alphabetical) at the end of your presentation. Do not simply copy and paste the one from your essay, because you may not use all the sources, or you may add sources. You will need to do some extra work here!

…oral defense questions…

Oral defense questions play two parts (which is why there are 2 questions per student)…

a. they help show me how you worked through the process of the research.

b. they help show me what you think could happen in the future or where else you could see the research going.

To answer them well, you should be able to give direct examples of things that you did or research that you found. It should be more than a few words.

Practice. You have a TON of practice questions attached to your directions!

…midterms & the future of the class…

I will be explaining midterms further in the next blog post, along with posting the schedule. The post should be up by the end of tomorrow! It will outline the rest of the semester!

There will be no more “projects” this semester after you finish your presentation. When we return from winter break, you will be starting your AP Seminar Task 1…aka…your team project. The REAL DEAL!

And here are the fun ones:

What is your favorite video games?

As a child, I did not play video games, because I was not allowed to – but the few times I did play, I enjoyed the car racing game as I called it, or as you call it, Grand Theft Auto. I will admit, I had no idea what I was playing at the time 🙂

Why did Apple skip the iPhone 9, call it the X, and expect everyone to know to call it the 10? 

I have NO idea…

Why do feel smell but noses run? 

English grammar is weird…and beautiful.

Whether oranges the fruit is named after the color or the color after the fruit?,,-200680,00.html

If I ever bought milk from the same cow twice?

I wonder if anyone has done research on this…I think I feel an AP Research question coming on!

Why can we drink a drink, but we cannot food a food?

Again, English grammar is a weird, yet beautiful thing!

Why do we bake cookies and cook bacon?

This question for sure got me today – it took me a bit to figure out what it meant, but then it was great! I have no idea, beyond the last answer that English grammar is a weird, yet beautiful thing!

I am so impressed with all of the work that you have been doing, and I am seeing so much growth in you this week alone. You are going to submit and give fantastic presentations. Remember, this is a learning process and a growth process. You cannot expect to get it all right on the first try. I want you to try your best and work your hardest. Take many deep breaths and get as much sleep as possible – these both help with stress. Try and talk a walk or mediate. These also help with stress. The calmer you are walking into the presentation, the better you will be!

Best of luck,

Miss Krzyzanowski


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