The Final 3 Weeks: 12/4/17 to 12/21/17

There are THREE weeks left in the quarter! That means that there are THREE weeks to bring up grades! There are THREE weeks until we can ALL sleep in a bit! There are THREE weeks until it is truly the holidays! There are THREE WEEKS left for us to finalize midterm grades! There are THREE weeks until we celebrate the holidays as a class!

Week 7: 12/4/17 to 12/8/17

Note: All documents will be shared digitally on Google Classroom, as well as all discussion questions, for our reading of A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah.

In class, on Monday and Tuesday, we will be finalizing your practice IWA presentations. For homework, and when there is extra time in class, you will be starting to read A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah. By the time you enter class on Wednesday you will have:

  • Read chapters one, two, and three
  • Completed a theme & analysis packet for each chapter
  • Answered one discussion question (provided by me) on Google Classroom
  • Responded to one peers answer to a discussion question on Google Classroom

Since our focus will be on the themes of the story and how they connect throughout our reading, here is a brief introduction to the themes we will look at: Main Themes

In class on Wednesday, presentations will continue. You will be required:

  • to read chapters 4 & 5 for homework
  • complete the corresponding theme & analysis packets
  • answers another discussion question on Google Classroom
  • respond to a peer’s answer to a question
  • ALSO bring in a discussion question for Thursday’s Socratic seminar

Most of class on Thursday will be dedicated to a Socratic seminar, but we will also listen to chapters 6 & 7 in class. As you listen, you will be required to completed guided notes.

Friday will be a silent reading day! We will most likely go outside, or somewhere new, to change up the scenery! Your goal will be to read chapters 8 – 10 and respond to two discussion questions about the chapters. In your answers to the questions, you will need to connect to two themes that you have been reading about…use your theme & analysis packets to help!

Your homework for the weekend will be to read chapters 11 – 13. You will also complete the theme and analysis packet that corresponds to the chapters, and create and bring in one discussion question to class on Monday. Make sure you have your question written down on a half sheet of paper, with your name on it, because I will collect them as you walk into class!

Week 8: 12/11/17 to 12/15/17

On Monday you will come in having read through Chapter 13, and have a question ready for discussion. We will be reading a poem and and connecting it to the novel, in our discussion. Your homework will be to read chapters 14 – 16 and answer one discussion question on Google Classroom. You will NOT be required to answer to anyone’s response, but you are welcome to!

We will be changing up our venue on Tuesday and we will also be working in groups, called literature circles, to discuss the homework chapters, and to read chapters 17 and 18 together. Your homework will be to finish the book!

Then, Wednesday will be a final review of the book and the themes within it! Make sure you bring all of your notes from the previous classes, so that you can add to the discussion you will have! We will be going back to making posters, something we have not done in a while.

The posters will help you to review for the midterms that you will take on Thursday and Friday. On Thursday you will respond to two essays questions and respond in 300 to 400 words per response. The response will be graded on your use of evidence from the book, as well as, your ability to write a structured response with a solid line of reasoning. On Friday, you will take a multiple choice test on the content of the book.

These will act as your midterms! The essay grade will into the gradebook as your Global Perspectives exam, and the multiple choice test will go into the gradebook as your General Paper exam. I will explain how these grades work in class, and how they correspond with your quarter 1 and 2 grades.

Week 9: 12/18/17 to 12/21/17

Here is the midterm schedule for the week:

Monday: Period 1 (exam) 8:30 – 10:50, shortened periods 2 – 7.

Tuesday: Period 2 (exam) 11:00 AM – 12:55 PM & Period 3 (exam) 1:10 PM to 3:05 PM

Wednesday:Period 4 (exam) 11:00 AM – 12:55 PM & Period 5 (exam) 1:10 PM to 3:05 PM

Thursday:Period 6 (exam) 11:00 AM – 12:55 PM & Period 7 (exam) 1:10 PM to 3:05 PM


What will we be doing if we are not taking an exam during exam week?

First Exam Period in Global Writing: White Elephant Party…you will be required to bring in a random item from your house that no one wants anymore. You WILL NOT go to the store and purchase something, and YOU WILL make sure that your parents/guardians give you permission to take the item and give it away. You will bring the item in wrapped or bagged. Do not label it, and do not let anyone know what is in the wrapping. We will have a holiday exchange then – and then, you will write a thank you note to the person who brought the item.

Second Exam Period in Global Writing: Viewing of “Most Likely to Succeed” – this documentary will help to wrap up the various discussions we have had about educational reform in the first semester of the school year.

*Please note that on exam days there is NO LUNCH provided at school. Pizza and soda are sold, but there are only 15 minutes between the two exams. I recommend bringing a lunch or snack with you!*

Then it will be Holiday Break! We will return to school on January 8th, 2018! I wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday break!

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