A Long Way Gone…Study Tips for Multiple Choice Test

So…you sat down to study for the test tomorrow, and you are not sure where to begin…

Here are some questions to ask yourself while you study…

  1. START WHERE WE STARTED: Go back to the scavenger hunt/web quest and review what you learned during that activity. Where is Sierra Leone on a map? What is their major trade and how are they certified? What religion(s) do they follow? Why did the war start? When did the war end? Who was in charge?
  2. ISHMAEL’S CHILDHOOD: Where did he grow up? Who did he live with? Who were his siblings? Did he go to school? What did he and his friends like to do?
  3. THE START OF THE JOURNEY: Where did Ishmael originally go? Why? How did he get there? Why did his friends come home?
  4. THE FLASHBACKS: What does he see in the flashbacks? What kept coming back years later? What scared him?
  5. THE MIDDLE OF THE JOURNEY #1: Who captured Ishmael? Who did he “work” for? What were the “bosses” names? Who did they fight? How does Ishmael get promoted?
  6. THE MIDDLE OF THE JOURNEY #2: Who takes Ishmael? What is her name? What is the organization’s name? Who does he live with after leaving there?
  7. THE END OF THE JOURNEY: Where does he go in the U.S.? Who does he meet? What does he eat? What does he receive? Who gives him things? Where does the book end?


Don’t forget that there is also a study guide on Google Classroom and QUIZLET has a ton of quizzes to you can use to review. The test is NOT open book for the multiple choice questions. That would BE TOO EASY!

Good luck!

I’ll be in no later than 6:30am tomorrow. Feel free to stop by!

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