The Week Ahead (and behind): 1/15/18 to 1/21/18

We are into our second semester of the year!

That means that we are 20 weeks closer to the end of the year!

We had NO SCHOOL on Monday!

When we returned to school on Tuesday we reviewed the directions for the AP Seminar exam Task 1 and reviewed the grammar lesson for the week. Students also received semester two contract that should be signed by a student and a guardian and returned by Friday.

On Wednesday we spent the periods brainstorming and creating topics for the team project. We did a lot of poster making and brainstorming, as well as reflection, to create tentative teams for the project. HW: Parts of Speech Practice

When students come in on Thursday and Friday we will continue to work within the tentative groups to do preliminary research. By Monday students will have made their teams and their team questions official.

For homework on Thursday, students should complete their second current event of the semester and study for their Parts of Speech QUEST (Not a quiz, but not quite a test). Contracts are also due on Friday in class.

Lastly, over the weekend, students should complete the assignment on Fracking Fuels. Remember, this is practice for the FSA reading test!

NOTE: All AP & AICE directions can be found on their individual pages on this website. 


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