The Week Ahead: March 12th to March 16th

It is the final week of Quarter three!

Spring Break is NEXT WEEK!

Homework will be light this week, but the in class activity MUST be spot on!!!

On Monday we will finalize grades and add extra credit to the gradebook. We will also participate in a socratic seminar about the final stimulus materials. This will help you to create your research questions.

Our search and create process will continue through to Tuesday. By the time you leave to class on Wednesday you will hand me a research question and rationale as to why you believe it will work for this project. Remember that great research questions are single and debatable. Your goal is to create an argument that will allow you to write an essay and also make a presentation.

Thursday and Friday you will be starting your research and working through the initial process of research and argument formation.

You will need to put some effort in over spring break and do some research. It will make a major difference in your essay and when you return to class. There will be a post towards the end of the week of what you will need to accomplish over break to prepare for the week we return!

This week is also Safety Week!

Each day you dress up, you get 2 extra credit points for quarter 4.

Monday: Safety – wear first responders attire/yellow/safety awareness

Tuesday: Anyone Can Be a Hero – wear superhero attire & hat day for St. Baldricks! Bring a $1 and get a sticker from me or Miss Call!

Wednesday: Memorial for Marjory Stoneman Douglass – wear maroon (buy a shirt from me for $10)

Thursday: Mental Health Awareness – wear Green

Friday: Walk A Thon – wear Bobcat shirts & colors — ​Walk A Thon will take place after lunch, all students will be invited to participate.​

  • Students will be walking 17 laps on the track to honor the victims of the Stoneman Douglas shooting
  • Students must receive 17 dollars in donations in order to attend (one dollar per lap)

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