The Week Ahead: April 2 to April 8, 2018

Eight More Weeks Until Summer! The true countdown now begins! Keep an eye on the countdowns along the side of the blog because those will help you remember when your exams are coming up!

General Paper Review:

This week I will be introducing a new review activity for AICE General Paper. From now until the exam, you will have a drafted piece of writing due on Wednesday’s and a final piece of that same writing due on Friday’s. This week we will be reviewing introduction paragraphs. Your prompt this week will be:

Ought there be limits to scientific research?

You will need to draft out a hand written introduction, as if you were sitting at the General Paper exam. Remember, the first step is to plan – no matter what you are writing! Don’t forget about the hand approach. Your goal is to complete these practices without any research, but rather use the information you already know to answer the questions. This is where reviewing your past current event assignments can help out! More information will be explained in class on Monday.

Don’t forget that The Skimm is a great daily resource to say up to date on the news around the world. Sign up here.

AP Seminar:

It is time to write your IWA! You have will TWO words checks this week in class:

  • 800 Word Check — Tuesday at the beginning of class
  • 1500 Word Check —- Friday at the beginning of class

Your first draft is due next Monday (4/9/18) which means I will be looking to see if you have between 1800-2000 words! Your final draft is NOT due UNTIL April 17th at 11:59pm to Google Classroom &

Presentations will begin on April 18th in class and will go into the following week!

FSA Review:

This week’s CommonLit assignment is from Homer’s “The Odyssey.” Take your time reading the older style of language, and then in turn, with the questions. If you are unsure on what a word means, use context clues and a dictionary. This is a period of learning! Use the time you are given!

Saturday Session: 

There is potential for a Saturday Session this week from 2:30 to 4:30 in the media center. If you are 100% interested, please follow this link and complete the survey.

I will be in early (by 7:30 am) each morning this week, except on Tuesday. I will be after school on Wednesday and Thursday.

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