Global Perspectives Review 2018

In class today we broke down a test and discussed as a large group how to answer question three of the Global exam.

Some things that you want to remember tomorrow:

  • use complete sentences
  • fully answer the question – think about using PROMPT LANGUAGE (not only for general paper
  • use the answer you produce in question 2, to help you answer question 3
  • give examples to support any claim you make in both question 2 & 3
    • don’t simply tell the reader that document 1 has qualitative data – give them an example of some
    • don’t simply say that the author is not an expert in a relevant field – tell them what they are an expert in and how that is not relevant to the field being discussed
    • don’t simply say that they use sweeping statements, give an example of one
  • discuss if a document uses global perspectives (evidence/studies/perspectives from multiple countries)
  • proof read – don’t sleep – if you have extra time at the end
  • have faith — you CAN do this!

Here are the documents that we looked at in class:


Mark Scheme (AKA possible answers)


I will be around early in the morning if you have any last minute questions. I will NOT be available at lunch before the test, because I am proctoring and have to set up a classroom!

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