The Final Few Weeks of 2018!

Oh my goodness…I cannot believe that this will be one of the last blog posts of the year!

Today is Thursday May 10th – which means that you will be taking your AICE Global Perspectives exam this afternoon. Once that is over, you only have one more sit down exam left for the global writing block! You will take your AP Seminar exam on May 25th at 8am.

This blog post will outline the new schedule for the literature circles, the plan for AP Seminar reviews, and your final essay!

Literature Circles

May 10th (blocks 1 & 2) = Literature Circle #2

May 14th (all blocks) = Literature Circle #3

May 16th (all blocks) = Literature Circle #4

May 21st (all blocks) = Literature Circle #5 ***This was supposed to be #6!***

May 23rd (all blocks) = Literature Circle #6 ***This is your LAST ONE!***

FINAL BOOK TEST WILL BE ON Tuesday May 29th in class. IF you are in Thinking Skills please plan ahead!

AP Seminar Practice/Review

*practices will be posted here as we get closer to the dates*

In class on Friday May 11th, I will introduce the AP Seminar exam format and discuss the major struggles that come with it.

Here is the rubric for the AP Seminar EOC exam.

For homework over the weekend, you will complete AP Seminar EOC Part A. This will be due on Monday May 14th in class, handwritten.

In class on Tuesday May 15th, you will have a substitute and you will complete a practice AP Seminar Part B. We will go over this practice on Thursday May 17th. You will complete a whole practice (to practice timing) on Tuesday May 22nd. You will have a substitute on this day also. We will go over this whole test on Wednesday and Thursday that week!

Here is the 2017 exam, and the PART A samples and the PART B samples that we reviewed in class on Thursday May 17th. Here is the graphic organizer that I handed out.

The final test will be on Friday May 25th.

Note: These practices will be some of the final grades in the AP Seminar grade book – they will be participation points for completion. I will be tracking late work closely. The deductions will the same as always: 1 day late = -25%, 2 days late = -40%, 3 days to 7 days late = -50%. BUT GRADES CLOSE ON MAY 23rd! So the in class practice on May 22nd will be only available for 25% off or a zero. 

Final Exams for Class

There will be two final exams for this course.

For General Paper you will create a body biography of one character in the book that your literature circle is reading. You will present this during your exam period after Memorial Day. Once you finish final literature circle meeting, we will discuss this project in more detail.

For AP Seminar, students will be writing a reflection essay of the year about their growth as a reader, writer, researcher, team player, and global citizen.

To start this process, we used this reflective flow chart in class on Friday may 11th. Then we reviewed the directions and rubric for the final essay, which can be found here. This essay has multiple deadlines:

  • You will have a rough draft due to Google Classroom by 11:59pm on Sunday May 20th.
  • You will peer edit your essay through an interactive assignment on Google Classroom in class on May 21st.
  • A printed hard copy of your typed essay will be due on May 23rd by the end of the school day (3:20pm).


Block Party

This will ACTUALLY happen on May 18th! We will spend some time planning it class now that we have tackled 2 of the exams for the class!

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