The Week Ahead: September 3, 2018 to September 7, 2018

Remember: In a world where you can be anything, be kind. 

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Here we go with week three of quarter one!

9th grade

This week we will be starting our unit reading “Of Mice & Men”!

On Day 1 of this week (Monday for ALL), we will write your independent book choice rationale. You should come to class on Monday with a book in mind. We will go through the process of what your rationale should explain and how to format it! Your homework will be to read “Harvest Gypsies” by John Steinbeck on and answer the corresponding questions. The CommonLit assignment is due by 11:59pm on Monday for all classes.

On Day 2 we will investigate the “turtle metaphor” in order to learn about how Steinbeck uses metaphors in his writing. We will be introduced to the dust bowl and the time period of our novel. Together, we will read this chapter from Steinbeck’s “Grapes of Wrath.” Depending on our process in class,  you may need to finish a reflection on Google Classroom for homework.

We will continue to learn about foundational elements on Day 3. One of the reason the book has been banned in the past is because of it’s use of the “N” word – and so we will use the class period to discuss this issue and how we can deal with it in our  own classroom.

Finally on Day 4, we will all get copies of the novel, discuss how to annotate a text, and begin to read Chapter 1 (pages 1-16). Over the weekend, your homework will be to finish reading and annotating chapter one. You WILL have a chapter 1 quiz on Monday!

SPELLING: There WILL BE a spelling list this week. Just like last week, you will take a pre-test on Monday and a final test on Day 4 of the week. Your practice work will be due on Day 4 also (definitions & sentences). Be sure to see what mistakes you made last week, and do not make them this week when it comes to completing the spelling assignment in your notebook. If you need a reminder, go here to find how it should look.

12th Grade

This week we will be continuing with our reading of “1984” by George Orwell.

On Monday we will start class with a quiz on chapters five to eight. Here are some questions you could focus on to help you study. Then we will complete some silently sustained reading of Book 2: Chapters 1 & 2 with some reading guide questions that will be found on Google Classroom! Your homework will be to finish reading the chapters.

Tuesday’s class will be similar, as we will be listening to Book 2: Chapters 3 & 4 and taking annotations. Again, your homework will be to finish reading the chapters.

On Thursday you will come in and take a quiz on B2: Ch 1-4. Then we begin dissecting the following writing prompt: When faced with defending a government’s invasion of personal privacy, people often say, “If you have nothing to hide, then you have nothing to be worried about.” Does that statement adequately defend a government’s policies that violate personal privacy? Together we will break it down and start to do some research. For homework you will continue to research and plan how to write the essay to answer the prompt.

Finally on Friday you will WRITE the essay! There will be NO homework over the weekend. I will also be checking annotations for chapters 1-4 for a grade.



The Week Ahead: August 27th to 31st

We successfully made it through week 1! And I am so thankful to have had a wonderful first week at CDS! Thank you!

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Now it is time to tackle week 2! Here is what is on deck:

9th Grade

Day 1:

  • We will start the week off with a pre-test of your first spelling list! The goal of this pre-test is to show YOU where YOU need to grow this week and what you need to practice the most. By Friday, you must complete your spelling assignment & be prepared to take your weekly spelling assessment. The weekly assignment will be outlined in class, but is also available on the CDS 9 tab. This assignment will remain the same each week you have a spelling list!
    • Check out this page to see how to set up your spelling assignments!
  • During class you will also get a chance to share your introductory paragraph with your first public speaking assignment. You will use Flip Grid to record yourself and post into the class assignment.
  • For homework, you will log into and read “War of the Wall” and answer the respective questions. Come prepared to class on Day 2 this week to discuss the story!
    • How to long in to CommonLit
      • Go to
      • Use the Google Sign In option & your CDS Email
      • Create a Password
      • Ta-Da!
        • *This is already linked to our Google Classroom so make sure your google classroom is up to date if yo had a class change!

Day 2:

  • We will start class by discussing the reading from the evening before in small and large groups. There will be NO Homework!

Day 3:

  • Class will be in the LIBRARY!
  • We will complete another quick CommonLit reading of the poem “Burning A Book” and I will be introducing a mini project. Look here for more information as the week proceeds.
  • Your homework will be to study your spelling words! Test on Day 4!

Day 4:

  • We will be in the LIBRARY one more day! By the end of class you will have chosen your first independent reading book! Again, more information about the project and assignment will come later in the week. Click here to access the directions for your independent reading project for quarter 1.

Next week we will begin to pre-read for “Of Mice & Men”!

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12th Grade Brit Lit


  • In class we will read Teaching 1984 in 2016, and annotate it together. I will hand out annotation book marks and discuss how to annotate our first book “1984” by George Orwell.
    • Annotations will be checked each Friday throughout this unit for a grade.
  • We will answer the following questions in small groups and then discuss it as a whole class:
    • What defines a totalitarian state?
    • Why does this instructor turn his classroom into a ‘totalitarian’ state? What are the results of his endeavors? How are traditional classroom structures already totalitarian in design?
    • Why does the instructor teach this text? Why do you think we are reading it?
  • Your homework will be read Chapters 1 & 2 (pages 5-27) and annotate them. Come to class prepared to participate in a class discussion about the text.

Day 2/ Tuesday:

  • We will use class time to discuss the first two chapters and to begin reading Chapters 3 & 4 together. Your homework will be to finish reading the chapters. There WILL BE a reading quiz on chapters 1-4 on Thursday.

Day 3/Thursday:

  • Reading quiz will be at the beginning of class! If you are late you will need to make it up at lunch!
  • Together we will read and discuss “I am very real” by Kurt Vonnegut.
  • I will introduce discussion questions and how to create them, what is a good one, what is not a great one, etc.
  • Your homework will be to read chapters 5-7 and to answer 2 discussion questions that will be your starter for the discussion on Friday.

Day 4/Friday:

  • Together we will have a student led discussion on chapters 5-7.
  • Your homework over the weekend will be finish Book 1 (which is through Chapter 8) and prepare for a reading quiz on chapters 5-8 that will be given on Monday.


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The Week Ahead: August 20 – 27, 2018

Hey CDS students!

Welcome to Miss K’s online classroom and support center!

Each week I will post a “week ahead” to help you manage your time and help you stay in the loop on the rare chance you will not be in class. Since there are two classes that I will be teaching, there will be two sections; one section for 9th grade, and a second section for 12th grade. So, here we go:

9th Grade 

Day 1: We will complete a stations activity, that will help us get to know one another and our expectations for the year ahead.

Day 2: We will complete an introduction to the course and learn a bit about me, Miss K. We will also preview this website and see how it works. IF we have time, we will play a name game…but 30 minutes will go by fast!

You will have 4 assignments for homework:

  1. Complete the NOREDINK Diagnostic for Day 3. Here are your codes:English 9A: round oil 23

    English 9B: rich giraffe 19

    English 9E: honest dust 8

    English 9F: cloudy music 43

  2. Review our syllabus with your parent/guardian and make sure you both sign it. Bring it back to class no later than Monday August 27th.
  3. Pick up your supplies and bring them to class on Monday August 27th so that I can check them.
  4. Write a paragraph introducing yourself to the class. There are further directions available on Google Classroom. This is due, hand written, in class on the last day you see me this week (Thursday or Friday).

Day 3: All students will take a Gates Diagnostic so that we can see where you are at in your reading, and also so that we can begin to set goals for the year. We all need to start somewhere! Your homework will be to log into NoRedInk and complete the grammar diagnostic on there. Remember, these are both LOW RISK assessments. The goal is for me to see where you are in your skills.

Day 4: We will peer edit your body paragraphs and begin to finalize them on a Google Doc that will be submitted to Google Classroom by Sunday evening at 11:59pm (AKA your homework). You should practice presenting your paragraph which you will do in class on Monday.

**You can find copies of your syllabus and the technology procedures in the organization tab on this blog. If you lose it or ever need to see a digital copy, it will remain there all year. 

12th Grade – British Literature

Day 1: We will complete a stations activity, that will help us get to know one another and our expectations for the year ahead. For homework you will read the Atlantic article on Google Classroom and find two mission statements: one from an academic institution, and one from a corporate institution.

Day 2: We will review the syllabus for the course and begin to discuss mission statements. For homework you will draft out your own personal mission statement, post it to Google Classroom, and bring in an item that represents your mission statement. You will share both of these in class on Day 3.

Day 3: You will speak about your item and your mission statement for about 2 minutes at the beginning of class. Then we will complete an anticipation guide for our first book, 1984 by George Orwell. This will be completed for homework if necessary.

Day 4: To finish off the week, you will complete an in-class writing diagnostic. Over the weekend, your homework will be to read another Atlantic article and answer the discussion questions on Google Classroom. These discussion questions will be due Sunday August 26, by 11:59pm.

**You can find copies of your syllabus and the technology procedures in the organization tab on this blog. If you lose it or ever need to see a digital copy, it will remain there all year. 


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