The Week Ahead: September 11 to 14, 2018

Here we go, finally. After a chaotic start on Friday and no school yesterday, everything is a bit topsy turvy….plus I will not be in class Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday this week due to a death in my family. But, do not despair. We will get back on track and you will be 100% OK to proceed with all of our work with me from afar!

When there is a substitute in my classroom, I expect students to be able to guide themselves and complete all work assigned. Don’t forget the guidelines of our classroom: be respectful, be accountable, be purposeful, and be present. You should be respectful to your substitute, your peers, yourself, and me! You should be accountable for all of the work that you are required to complete on time and in full. You should be purposeful with your time by getting your work done in class and not procrastinating. And lastly, you should be present while in class, working on English work in English. Not working on other class work, not watching videos, not getting off topic. Hold each other accountable since I am not there to remind you!

Please note, at the bottom of this post is our 4 day schedule. You will have each class 3x this week….but we will have Independence day celebrations on Friday, so that schedule may be a bit different. 


9th Grade

Day 1: Over the weekend you should have read the first chapter of “Of Mice & Men” and should therefore be prepared to take a quiz on the first chapter. We will also complete reading guide questions on Google Classroom. For homework you will read chapter two (pages 17 – 37). There will be a quiz given in class the next day.

Day 2: Again, you will come in and take the chapter 2 quiz for “Of Mice & Men.” Then, you will work in mini groups to complete the reading guide for chapter two together.

Day 3: You will complete an activity called “Day in the Life” and step into the shoes of the migrant workers. This assignment will be released on Google Classroom later this week.

Note that you have almost NO homework this week! If you get the work done in class, there will be no homework beyond reading Tuesday evening! 

British Literature

Day 1 (Tuesday): You will continue to draft your essay on 1984 & government surveillance in today’s world.

Day 2 (Wednesday): You will edit and finalize your essay and submit it by 11:59pm.

Day 3 (Friday): Read Book 2, chapters 5-8 and complete reading questions as you go in the Google Classroom assingment. These will be due Sunday evening by 11:59pm to Google Classroom.

Here is our schedule for the week:

1 – Tuesday

2 – Wednesday 3 – Thursday

4 – Friday (will be adjusted for celebrations)

A (8:00-8:55) G (8:00-8:55) E (8:00-8:55) C (8:00-8:55)
B (9:00-9:55) A (9:00-9:55) F (9:00-9:55) D (9:00-9:55)
  Assembly/Senior Speech   Assembly/Senior Speech

Break (9:55-10:20)

C (10:25-11:20) B (10:25-11:20) G (10:25-11:20) E (10:25-11:20)
D (11:25-12:20) C (11:25-12:20) A (11:25-12:20) F (11:25-12:20)

Lunch (12:20-12:55)

E (1:00-1:55) D (1:00-1:55) B (1:00-1:55) G (1:00-1:55)
F (2:00-2:55) Elective (2:00-2:55) Day 2 or 3 Early Dismissal Student Council

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