The Week Ahead: October 29, 2018 to November 2, 2018

I am back! I apologize for the hiatus last week!

Is anyone else in shock that by the end of the week we will already be in November? I cannot believe how quick this year is passing and how much we have been able to accomplish! Freshmen are plowing through public speaking skills, while the seniors are excelling at reading Othello! I am so proud of all that you have been accomplishing!

But, we need to remember that we are in the countdown to midterms. I know that the holidays are coming, and we have a break in the middle, but we have to maintain focus all the way through.

I also want to put the reminder out here that if you are struggling, you don’t understand a concept, you’ve never heard of something before ask for HELP! There is NO shame is asking for help! No matter what the question is or the issue is, I am here to help you. So are your other teachers and our administrative team! We want to help you succeed and learn, but if you do not ask and talk to us, we may not know you need help!

P.S. Don’t forget that Wednesday is a 1/2 day! You will run through your regular schedule, but the classes will be shorter!

Ok – onwards to the class specific week breakdowns, both of which now include the famous Bard!

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9th Grade

On Monday (AKA Day 1 for all), all freshmen are meeting me in the library during your respective class times! I will be introducing the independent reading assignment for quarter two and you will be given a chance to find a book in the library.  Do not take this time for granted! You can find all of the independent reading assignment information on Google Classroom, as well as through this link, which will take you to the page under CDS English Grade 9.

For homework you will complete a grammar diagnostic. I know that you have already completed one, but I would like you to complete a different one. You will need to sign up for using your CDS Google Account. This needs to be completed by Friday November 2, 2018 by 11:59pm.

On day 2 we will begin our unit on Shakespeare’s play A Midsummer Night’s Dream. We will read an article from The Odyssey and watch a TedTalk. Then we will discuss them and aim to answer the question: Why do we read Shakespeare so many years later?

On day 3, we will addressing the question: How do we read Shakespeare? We will be practicing with photo analysis first!

For homework you will need to read a portion of the plays introduction. I will hand out the books in class and let you know which pages you will need to read. I will ask you to annotate these pages too!

Then, on Day 4, we will take what we learn through photo analysis and apply it to the first twenty line of our play!


12th Grade

On Monday and Tuesday, we will discuss Act II, i. I will be asking you to read Act II, ii for homework on Tuesday evening. Don’t panic! It is less than twenty lines of text!

When we reconvene on Thursday we will read Act II, iii – which will also take us into Friday’s class.

Over the weekend, you will be creating a Facebook profile for a character that discusses the events of the play through their eyes of Acts I & II, as well as making modern day connections to their world. I will be asking for you to connect at least two essential questions into your profile. I will show you how to do this in class on Friday!


The Week Ahead: October 15 -19, 2018

There is NO SCHOOL on Monday this week! 

Yet, the schedule will not change. We will come in on Tuesday as if we had class on Monday. So, Tuesday will begin with Period G.

9th Grade

This week will be watching presentations of your Banned Book Projects. Any time that is left in class after presentations will be used to edit and rewrite your Of Mice and Men essays.

If all plans go well, your essays with comments will be in your school email by end of the day on Monday. There will be a follow up assignment to complete when you receive your essay back.

These essay rewrites will be due to Google Classroom by Sunday October 21, 2018. Please submit either a Word Document or Pages Document, labeled as: LastName_SectionLetter_Final.

^^^ These plans did not go as planned…therefore check in with me during class to learn about the adjustments that will be made.

^^This will be your only homework this week. ^^

12th Grade

On Tuesday you will be sharing with me what you learned in class on Thursday and Friday last week. We will also be responding to a pre-reading writing prompt for Othello.

Then, on Thursday we will begin reading Othello and completing “Act I” by the end of class on Friday. As we read, we will be practicing literary analysis because next week you will be completing an in class literary analysis writing practice.


The Week Ahead: October 8 – 12, 2018

Our upcoming week is going to fly by quick and yet, we are going to accomplish quite a bit. The seniors are starting their next unit, and the freshmen are finalizing their first unit.


9th Grade

Day 1 – 4: This week you will be watching a film adaptation of Of Mice and Men. You will be comparing and contrasting the film with the novella via a packet of questions.

Your ONLY homework will be to work on your Banned Book Independent Reading Project. This project will be due Sunday October 12, 2018 by 11:59pm to Google Classroom. If you do not have a digital element, please submit a document explaining your presentation so that I know what to expect.

We will choose presentation slots on Monday at random; presentations will begin October 16th.

On Wednesday all freshmen will be taking the PSAT. Room assignments can be found on the bulletin board next to the teacher work room in the high school.


This week in Brit Lit we will be introducing Shakespeare and prepare to begin reading Othello.

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On Monday, we will ask “Why do we still read Shakespeare?” We will watch a few videos, and discuss what we have found to be scary about reading Shakespeare in past, what we have enjoyed, and what questions we have about our upcoming read.

On Tuesday, we will discuss the question of “How do we read Shakespeare?” Did you know that this can be as easy as creating a picture? We will be using some elements from NY Times and look at a poem to discuss how to read this older language.

On Thursday, you will be assigned various elements of the introduction to the play and then you will analyze it, AND then you will have a discussion about it on Google Classroom.

Lastly, on Friday, you will take a virtual field trip to London.

Please note: Both elements from Thursday and Friday will be released on Google Classroom the morning on each class day.




The Week Ahead: October 1 – 5, 2018

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Can you believe we made it to October? And we finished our first book in both British Literature and Freshman English! It has been a journey so far, and we are moving into our next adventures soon.

For both courses, we are spending the week completing final assessments and discussing our respective novels.

It is always important to ask ourselves at the end of a unit, what skills and knowledge are we taking away from this unit?

Please, reach out if you have any questions, comments, or concerns! I am here to help you!

Heads up on Next Week:

  • Next Wednesday is the PSAT 8/9. This is a low risk assessment but it is created for your grade level! If you have any questions feel free to ask. Be sure to read the announcement from Mr. Mendez about how you will be released early that day!
  • I will be out of the classroom next Thursday and Friday! Due to the change in our school schedule, and my pre-made plans of being in a wedding next weekend, things will be sorted early and you will have clear expectations. I am aware that some students may be in the same pickle I am in, and so all work that will be set for next Thursday and Friday, will be work that can be completed from anywhere!

Freshmen, you are taking a multiple choice test on Monday and will use the rest of the week to respond to a prompt of their choice to show your understanding of the novel Of Mice and Men. You will finish the essay over the weekend and submit it to Google Classroom by 11:59pm on Sunday October 7th.

Your spelling this week will not include a pre-test! You will still have a test on day 4 this week, but it is your job to gather the words, practice them, and complete your regular weekly homework. The test will be set up the same as last week. Here are the words:

  1. bulletin
  2. calendar
  3. category
  4. changeable
  5. characteristic
  6. chemistry
  7. circumstance
  8. civilization
  9. cocoon
  10. commencement


ALSO: Don’t forget to bring your independent reading book to class each day – you will have time each day to read!

Seniors, this week you will spend the first two days responding to an on-demand writing prompt about Winston and the choices that he made throughout 1984. Your goal is to write this in class! There should be no take away work – but we will see what happens.

Depending on your progress in the first two days, we will spend a day or two on a mini unit to discuss theme and to begin preparing for our first play! More to come on this as the week goes along!