The Week Ahead: October 8 – 12, 2018

Our upcoming week is going to fly by quick and yet, we are going to accomplish quite a bit. The seniors are starting their next unit, and the freshmen are finalizing their first unit.


9th Grade

Day 1 – 4: This week you will be watching a film adaptation of Of Mice and Men. You will be comparing and contrasting the film with the novella via a packet of questions.

Your ONLY homework will be to work on your Banned Book Independent Reading Project. This project will be due Sunday October 12, 2018 by 11:59pm to Google Classroom. If you do not have a digital element, please submit a document explaining your presentation so that I know what to expect.

We will choose presentation slots on Monday at random; presentations will begin October 16th.

On Wednesday all freshmen will be taking the PSAT. Room assignments can be found on the bulletin board next to the teacher work room in the high school.


This week in Brit Lit we will be introducing Shakespeare and prepare to begin reading Othello.

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On Monday, we will ask “Why do we still read Shakespeare?” We will watch a few videos, and discuss what we have found to be scary about reading Shakespeare in past, what we have enjoyed, and what questions we have about our upcoming read.

On Tuesday, we will discuss the question of “How do we read Shakespeare?” Did you know that this can be as easy as creating a picture? We will be using some elements from NY Times and look at a poem to discuss how to read this older language.

On Thursday, you will be assigned various elements of the introduction to the play and then you will analyze it, AND then you will have a discussion about it on Google Classroom.

Lastly, on Friday, you will take a virtual field trip to London.

Please note: Both elements from Thursday and Friday will be released on Google Classroom the morning on each class day.



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