The Week Ahead: October 15 -19, 2018

There is NO SCHOOL on Monday this week! 

Yet, the schedule will not change. We will come in on Tuesday as if we had class on Monday. So, Tuesday will begin with Period G.

9th Grade

This week will be watching presentations of your Banned Book Projects. Any time that is left in class after presentations will be used to edit and rewrite your Of Mice and Men essays.

If all plans go well, your essays with comments will be in your school email by end of the day on Monday. There will be a follow up assignment to complete when you receive your essay back.

These essay rewrites will be due to Google Classroom by Sunday October 21, 2018. Please submit either a Word Document or Pages Document, labeled as: LastName_SectionLetter_Final.

^^^ These plans did not go as planned…therefore check in with me during class to learn about the adjustments that will be made.

^^This will be your only homework this week. ^^

12th Grade

On Tuesday you will be sharing with me what you learned in class on Thursday and Friday last week. We will also be responding to a pre-reading writing prompt for Othello.

Then, on Thursday we will begin reading Othello and completing “Act I” by the end of class on Friday. As we read, we will be practicing literary analysis because next week you will be completing an in class literary analysis writing practice.

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