The Week Ahead: November 5 – 9, 2018

Both British Literature and English 9 are in a deep dive in their Shakespeare plays!

This makes our week simply on paper, but it also means that we will be having  a lot of discussions IN CLASS that are VERY important. Do you best to NOT miss class!

9th Grade

Remember, one of our major goals for this unit is to be able to make a claim and support it with evidence and explanation. We will work through this some more this week on a small scale. By the time we reach the end of the semester, you will be ready to write a full blow essay again!

Day 1: Together we will continue to read Act 1, scene i of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. For homework, you will watch this video of Act 1, scene ii. As you watch, you will annotate your text and you will also look for similarities and differences. I HIGHLY recommend taking notes as you watch!

Day 2: Based on your viewing and reading of the night before, you will be writing a compare and contrast analysis of Act 1, ii in the text and in the video you viewed for homework. I will be giving you guiding questions to help you complete this writing task. I will be grading your writing on both the ability to use CEE and for grammar!

Day 3 &4: We will move back to the play, and we will listen to Act 2, scene ii! Moving right along. 

UPDATE: On Day 3 & 4, we will read Act 2, scene i. When we are done, your goal will be to answer the following question: “In Act 2, scene i, how do the two worlds (human & fairy) interact?” You will be required to write a short essay, using CEE. These directions will be posted on Google Classroom along with a rubric.

Brit Lit/12th Grade

Iago, Othello | If Shakespearean Characters Were On Tinder

Monday: We will watch Act 2 from the 1995 Baz Luhrman version of Othello. As you watch, you will take notes and prepare to write an essay on how the movie compares to the original play.

Tuesday & Thursday: You will work on your compare & contrast essay in class!

Friday: We will move into Act III, i-ii. It may seem like a lot to tackle in a single period, but we will survive!

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