The Week Ahead: February 11 – 15, 2019



9th Grade

Day 1:

  • As we have the past three weeks, we will begin the week with a grammar quiz. This week it will be on clauses and coordinating conjunctions.
  • Then we will move into a study of run-on sentences.
    • Please note: Due to the upcoming long weekend, we will be having our grammar quiz in class on Day 4 this week.
  • If time allows, we will review our notes from last week on introduction paragraph hooks and analyze some together.

Day 2:

  • Continuing the trend, the beginning of class will be devoted to practicing our grammar skill of the week.
  • Then we will have our third literature circle of the semester which will focus on all of chapters 9 & 10. Therefore, be sure to read through to the end of chapter 10 this week!

Day 3:

  • Continuing the trend, the beginning of class will be devoted to practicing our grammar skill of the week. {Do you see the trend yet?!}
  • For the rest of the class, we will be returning to introduction paragraphs and how to create them. We will analyze a few and then you will begin writing your own.
  • Your homework will be to write your own introduction paragraph using the ABC format. I will give you the topic in class.

Day 4:

  • We will start class with a GRAMMAR QUIZ on RUN ON SENTENCES!
  • The rest of the class period will be devoted to silent sustained reading! You should be making some big progress in your books at this point! Expect to conference with me and give me an update on your reading.

UPDATE: Your homework over the weekend will be to read Chapter 11 of A Long Way Gone for class on Tuesday. 

12th Grade

Monday: We will use the class to finish our Coffee House discussion from last week. Whatever time is left will be devoted to discussing research questions and your brainstorm from the weekend. Your homework will be to listen to episode seven of Serial and to analyze the various techniques that Sarah Koenig uses through the podcast. What is the effect of these techniques?

Tuesday: We will move on to episode eight of Serial and also discuss rhetorical appeals, which I believe will be a review for you. Your homework will be to prepare for your FINAL coffee house of the unit! To give us more time to discuss and to share thoughts, the Coffee House will be taking place on Thursday & Friday this week.

Thursday & Friday: See homework for Tuesday…..

Homework for the weekend – yes, I’ve got to give it, but at least we will learn more of the mystery: Listen to episode nine of Serial and complete the character traits activity that I will share on Google Classroom.


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