The Week Ahead: February 19 – 22, 2019

The return after a long weekend is always hard even if we are supposed to be refreshed and rejuvenated. However, we have a lot to tackle this week, but it will be different than our ‘normal’ weeks.

Remember that when we return on Tuesday, we will be starting G period, as if it was a regular Tuesday with a regular Monday before it. Confused yet?


Day 1 & 2:

We will be starting our mini-unit on commonly confused words, so be ready to take some notes!

Once the notes have been taken, we will move into looking at themes this far into the book. This will lead us into Day 2. Day 2 will end with you and your group providing me with an introduction paragraph and an outline of an essay on the theme assigned to your group!

FYI: If you are absent on Day 1 of the week this will become an individual activity.

Day 3:

We will spend day three of the week in your literature circle groups. This will cover chapter twelve.



Tuesday: We will spend some time discussing how to create an annotated bibliography and how to move forward with your research process.

For homework, you will listen to episode 10 of Serial

Thursday: Together we will listen to episode 11 with an activity to correspond…but I am not letting cat out of the bag yet.

Friday: You will a class day to work on research with me there to help. Your annotated bibliography will be due NEXT Friday.

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