The Week Ahead: February 25th to March 1st, 2019

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Friday marks the first day of March! Can you believe that we are already into our third month of the year? Let’s see what this week has in store:



Day 1:

We will start the week with a quiz on the first list of commonly confused words. Remember, if you received a 100% on the diagnostic, you are exempt from the quiz. Once you finish the quiz, you will transition into taking the diagnostic for the second list of commonly confused words. Both of these will be on NoRedInk.

Once you are done with NoRedInk, you will move into your final day of independent reading. Remember, your book should be finished by Friday! Your project is due NEXT Wednesday! Did you lose your directions? Follow this link to get a digital copy.

Your homework will be to:

a. Take notes on this weeks word list for grammar – it will be checked the next day in class!

b. Complete the summative assessment for introductory paragraphs. Click here to see a preview of this assessment. This assessment will be due on Wednesday February 27th by 11:59pm to Google Classroom. It is SUMMATIVE and there will be NO late work accepted! If you need an extension, you MUST ask me by 8am on Wednesday. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Day 2:

This week we will be complete 2 literature circles. The first one will occur on day 2 of the week and will cover chapters 13-15! Be sure to be on top of your planning to make sure you are prepared. Remember, you can find digital copies of the role sheets here.

Day 3:

We will be moving from the introduction paragraph to conclusion paragraphs this week! We are almost ready to write an essay from beginning to end! Your summative assessment for A Long Way Gone is coming up quick! The notes for conclusion paragraphs will be posted to Google Classroom after the lesson.

We will also take a bit of class to discuss your PSAT scores and what you can do to prepare for PSAT 10 next year.

Day 4:

We will wrap the week up with a second literature circle that will focus on chapters Again, Be sure to be on top of your planning to make sure you are prepared. Remember, you can find digital copies of the role sheets here.

Your homework for the weekend is to start working on your independent reading project! You WILL NOT be able to do this in a single night. It is also a summative assessment so you WILL NOT be able to submit the work late. All documents must be submitted to Google Classroom by March 6th at 11:59pm. Presentations take place on March 7th and 8th depending on your class period.



Monday & Tuesday: Research and working on your annotated bibliographies! These are due at the end of the week! These are your last work days in class. Directions and the rubric can be found on Google Classroom. Your annotated bibliography is due on Friday, March 1st by 11:59pm to Google Classroom and

Thursday: FINISHING SERIAL…but only if you show me you are making progress in your annotated bibliographies.

Friday: If all goes well on Thursday, we will wrap up with letters to Adnan.

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