The Week Ahead: March 4th to 8th, 2019

Let’s jump right in this week….

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Day 1:

We will start class on Monday with a quiz on your second list of commonly confused words. I emailed many of you because you had not started your practice yet on NoRedInk. Make sure you are working on it! After you finish, you will take a diagnostic for your final list of commonly confused words.

The rest of the class will be spent working on your independent reading project. This is due on Wednesday by 11:59pm to Google Classroom. Late assignments will not be accepted!

Day 2:

We will move into conclusion paragraphs on day two! We are almost ready to put together a WHOLE essay.

We will finally get to talk about your PSAT scores and I am going to give you some tools for what you can do to prepare for your next PSAT in the fall.

Your homework will be to read chapters 18 & 19 in ALWG. No roles this time. Just read and be prepared to talk about it!

Day 3:

Since you will have read 18 & 19, you will be ready to read 20 & 21 together in class. We will read and discuss the end of the book together!

Your homework will be to PRACTICE for your independent reading PRESENTATIONS!

Day 4:

We will wrap up the week by listening to everyone’s book presentations! I cannot wait to add some new books to my list of books to be read one day!


Monday & Tuesday: Work days for your annotated bibliography. It is DUE on Friday, March 8th by 11:59pm to Google Classroom &!

Thursday: We will start planning out your podcast structure. I will give you strategies and ideas on how to plan and structure your podcast.

Friday: You will use the class time on Friday to continue planning and outlining your podcast!