The Week Ahead: March 18 to March 22, 2019


We made it! We are officially in the final descent of the school year!

It is NOT time to start slacking off; it is time to start working harder!


Day 1 & Day 2: You should enter class on Monday with an outline of your thesis and main topics (or sub claims) of your body paragraphs! It’s time to write, and write, and write some more. Last week we spent a lot of time learning about our ALWG summative assessment, which can be found on Google Classroom. By the time you enter class on Day 3, you should have a completed draft!

Day 3: PEER EDITING! This is SUPER important, so make sure you come to class with a draft to share!

Day 4: This will be your final in-class writing day! Your essay is due Sunday by 11:59pm to Google Classroom and


Monday: Guess what? You’ll be writing and scripting! I will also be handing out your new book and the reading procedures for it!

Tuesday: You will share your script with a peer so that you can get feedback! Your homework will be to edit it based on the feedback that you receive.

Thursday: Time to finally start recording…hopefully!

Friday: We will have a mini coffee house discussion and then you will have the rest of class to work on recording your podcast! Your goal is to have a rough recording by next Thursday, March 28th!

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