The (next two) Week(s) Ahead: April 1 to April 10th, 2019

It’s April. There are approximately 47 days left of school! 
There are 9 days until Semana Santa…
This is NOT the time to lose your momentum. 
Let’s make sure that we are working hard and asking for help when it is needed. 
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Day 1 & 2: The first two days of the week will be work days. You will be working with your team to create the presentation to go with your lesson on the Islamic Revolution.
Day 3: We will be out on campus on day three and you will be practicing your presentations. This will be your last in-class work day. You will be giving your presentations in class on Monday, April 8th.
Day 4: Independent Reading Activity Day! Make sure to have read a decent chunk (20-50 pages) of your book so that you can maintain a conversation about it with a peer.
Your homework for the week is to work on Khan Academy (due April 10th) and read your independent reading book.
Next week I will see you either for three days (A & B) or two days (E & F).  Periods A & B will have an activity on Tuesday about the danger of a single story, and an independent reading day on Wednesday. Periods E & F will not have an independent reading day, but they will have the activity about the danger of a single story on Wednesday.  If you miss the activity in class (all classes), then you are responsible to check Google Classroom and complete the activity prior to returning to class on Monday, April 22, 2019. 
** See below for a Spirit Week Challenge **
Freshmen, I am challenging your four classes to dress up for spirit week! Each student that dresses up, each day, will earn their class a point. At the end of the day on April 10th, I will tally up the participation, and the class with the highest percentage of participation will earn a treat when we return from Semana Santa! See the dates below:

Tuesday, April 2: Regular Uniform Dress

Wednesday, April 3: Mix-matched Day: wear your clothing backward, mix-matched, and silly

Thursday, April 4: Movie/Book Character Day: Dress as your favorite movie or book character

Friday, April 5: Twin/Look-Alike Day: Grab a group of friends and dress up alike!

Monday, April 8: Pajama Day: Wear your favorite pajama shirt or pants, but remember to stay in the dress code, no boxer shorts, short shorts, or tank tops!

Tuesday, April 9: Decades Day:

9th grade dress up from the ’60s time period

10th grade dress up from the ‘70s time period

11th grade dress up from the ‘80s time period

12th grade dress up from the ‘90s time period

Wednesday, April 10: CDS Spirit Wear: Wear your CDS spirit shirts or come in White, Blue, and Red!



It is a pretty simple week, plus you have all of this information posted on Google Classroom!
Monday: Podcast Peer Edit Day!
Tuesday & Thursday: Podcast Editing
Friday: Little Bee Coffee House #3
Your Podcast is due on Monday, April 8, 2019! We will be discussing chapters 7 & 8 of Little Bee on April 9th. I will not see you on April 10th so your homework over Semana Santa will be to finish the book and prepare for a coffee house on April 22, 2019, when we return from Semana Santa.
Seniors, you are welcome to challenge the freshmen to see if you can have FULL participation in Spirit week! Let me know!

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