The Week Ahead: April 29, 2019 to May 3, 2019

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This week will only be four days of school days, but the week will run a regular schedule. So, I will see all the freshmen three times. Seniors, you are stuck with me all four days!

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
A G x C B
B A x D C
C B x E D
D C No School F E
E D x G F


Day 1: We are moving forward with Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi. We will read “Persepolis” and “The Letter” together in class. After we read, you will have an in-class writing assignment that will be posted on Google Classroom. If you are in class, you will do it with a partner. If you do it out of class, you will do it on your own. You will be building on the skills of analyzing the text using graphic elements.

For homework, you will read “The Party,” “The Heroes,” and “Moscow,” which are on pages 40-61. Be ready to write about these pages in class on day 2! Be sure to following along in your vocabulary assignment as you read.

Day 2: In class, we will complete a Reading Analysis Task or a RAT as they will be called from this point on. You will complete three of these throughout your reading of this text. This first one will be completed in class together and will not be a grade. But, it will act as a model for how your next two will be complete. You will receive feedback from me on this first one to help you on your next two.

For homework, you will read “The Sheep,” “The Trip,” “The F-41s,” and “The Jewels,” which are on pages 62 – 93. Be sure to following along in your vocabulary assignment as you read.

Day 3: In class, you will read 94 – 153. This will have you finish the first book. What you don’t finish in class will be homework for the weekend. Don’t forget that you will have a vocabulary quiz on Monday, May 6th on the vocabulary used in the first book of Persepolis. 

After your vocabulary quiz on May 6th, we will start a writing assignment that will cover the first book. Do NOT fall behind! If you are struggling, remember that I am here to help you!


Day 1 -3: You will be working on your final writing piece and your final presentation! This time is going to fly by!

Day 4: This is my day! I am excited to share with you a phenomenal TedTalk about leadership. More to come on Friday!

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