The Final Weeks Ahead of the 2018-2019 School Year! May 27th, 2019 – June 13th, 2019

This is it! It is almost summer break!

This is the final post of the year and it will cover all the dates and reminders you could need!

Last week, all final exam directions were posted to Google Classroom and you started Part 1 of the exam in class. You should be preparing for Part 2 at home.

If you have an SLP and would like to use extended testing time, or alternative testing space, you must let me know by 3pm on May 27th. I need to set up the time with Ms. Soto and this date gives me time to set everything up to give you the best testing opportunity available. Please talk to me in person to email me to request one of these accommodations.

Below, find a link to all the specific dates of in-class exams, presentations, and what’s going on of the various classes. The schedule is specific for each period. Be sure to read the correct schedule.

Freshmen Final Exam Schedule English 9

Please remember, late work is NOT accepted for final exams. This is a summative assessment and I am on a deadline for grades. Late work is NOT accepted. If you do not submit the work, it is incomplete and you will need to meet with Mr. Menendez to remedy the problem.

Don’t forget that ALL LATE WORK is due by 3pm on May 31st, 2019. All late work must be accompanied by a late work form into the red bin in the front of the classroom. I grade late work when I receive a late work form. If I do not receive a late work form, I do not know that something has been submitted and I do not grade it. There will be NO exceptions to this date.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please email me or come and talk to me in my classroom. I am here to help you and to make sure you finish the year off strong!

Thank you for a great year! It’s time for summer!

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The Week Ahead: May 20th to May 26th, 2019

This is the second to last blog post of the year! This is also a post for only freshmen since the seniors are DONE!

Day 1: Wrap up The Complete Persepolis with a writing piece about what YOU think happened after Marjane left Iran. You will use evidence from the graphic novel to make predictions. This is posted on Google Classroom. If you do not finish in class, it is homework.

Day 2: We will use the class to learn about your final exam, ask questions, and even begin your exam! All exam details will be posted on Google Classroom, but here is the overarching schedule that we will follow through the end of the year.

Day 3: This will be your first full work for your final exam. Your focus will be your presentation. Repeat: Directions will be available on Google Classroom.

Day 4: This is your final independent reading day of the year. You will NOT be allowed to go to the library, so make sure you bring a book with you to class.

It will be a pretty simple and straightforward week!

Email me, as always, with any questions!


The Week Ahead: May 13 to 19, 2019


As we read this week, you will need to read the pages outlined at home below. In class, we will be doing some reading and in-class activities.

On Day 3 of the week (Wednesday or Thursday depending on your class period) you will have a Socratic seminar on pages 153 to 284. You must come to class with two questions to contribute to the class discussion. These questions can be based on graphic elements, themes, plot/content, etc. You must have these questions written down on a half sheet of loose leaf paper prior to coming to class. This will be a graded Socratic seminar! Those of you who are trying to bring your grade up, this is an easy way to bring it up a point or two! Be sure to be prepared!

You will have RAT #3 due on Friday by 11:59pm to Google Classroom and You will focus in on pages 173 – 311 for this RAT.


Day 1: Read 233 – 246

Day 2: Read 267 – 284

Day 3: Read 299 – 311

Day 4 is an independent reading day! Be sure to have a book with you! There will be no trips to the library! 



Can you believe this is the final week of English class for your high school career?

Monday & Tuesday will be the final class time to work on your projects….whether you are in class or not, you need to finish your projects.

On Thursday, Maria and Rodolfo will present their projects.

On Friday, Max and Sofia will present their projects.

And as a final hurrah, we will share breakfast and I have something small for you as a send-off gift!

I cannot wait to see these final projects and where you are going in your next adventure!


The Week Ahead: May 6th to May 10th, 2019

Hey Freshmen,



In those 28 days, we will finish Persepolis, write a final essay, complete a final presentation, and maybe watch a movie….what do you think? Think we can do it?

Here is how this week will work out:

Day 1:

First, we will start class with a vocabulary quiz for Book 1 of Persepolis. You will need to be able to give a definition for 15 of the words on the list. I am not telling you which words though…so you need to review them all!

After the quiz, we will begin a mini writing piece that will have you begin thinking about themes, characters, and graphic elements.

Day 2: We will use day two to continue with the writing process. The written piece will be due by the end of class on Day 2.

Day 3: As our final Persepolis day of the week, we will read and complete an activity that covers pages 155 – 172. For homework, you will read through to page 206. You will also have RAT #2 due on Friday, which will cover pages 61-172. You can choose any page to focus on in that range.

Day 4: As is tradition, day four will be committed to independent reading. Be sure to have a book with you in class. I will not allow anyone to go to the library!

Heya Seniors,

You have even fewer days that the freshmen! How does that feel? I know that senioritis is really getting you, but I know that you can do this!

You are working on the same thing as last week. These are the final days to finish your final exam. I know that two of you have APs spread out over the next two weeks, BEST OF LUCK! Email me with questions!