The Week Ahead: May 20th to May 26th, 2019

This is the second to last blog post of the year! This is also a post for only freshmen since the seniors are DONE!

Day 1: Wrap up The Complete Persepolis with a writing piece about what YOU think happened after Marjane left Iran. You will use evidence from the graphic novel to make predictions. This is posted on Google Classroom. If you do not finish in class, it is homework.

Day 2: We will use the class to learn about your final exam, ask questions, and even begin your exam! All exam details will be posted on Google Classroom, but here is the overarching schedule that we will follow through the end of the year.

Day 3: This will be your first full work for your final exam. Your focus will be your presentation. Repeat: Directions will be available on Google Classroom.

Day 4: This is your final independent reading day of the year. You will NOT be allowed to go to the library, so make sure you bring a book with you to class.

It will be a pretty simple and straightforward week!

Email me, as always, with any questions!

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