The Week Ahead: August 26th – 30th, 2019

Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year!

Last week was a great start to the year and I am so excited to see what you can all do this year!


English 9

Day 1:

This week we are starting into our first unit: short stories and learning about our spelling protocol for the year.

So, Monday will start with a spelling observation and the creation of your spelling list.  Yes…you will create your spelling list each week! You will have a spelling test and a new observation on Mondays. Then, you will practice at home using various methods explained in class. If you want to ever re-take a spelling test, you must prove to me that you studied three different ways and submit the work prior to the test on Monday:

  1. Making Connections
  2. Write/Say/Cover/Check
  3. One option from the spelling menu

These will be explained further in class on Monday.

After we go over spelling, we will move into creating our own short story as a class to dissect together.

For homework, you will analyze our class story for strong and weak elements on a Google Classroom assignment.

Day 2:

We will continue our journey into short stories by reviewing plot elements and we will read a story together. This will lead to a class discussion. For homework, you will read another short story that you will analyze with a small team on day 3.

Day 3:

You will use the story you read the night before and you will work in your team to summarize the story and analyze it for plot elements. You will create a mini-presentation to share the story with the rest of the class on day 4. A rubric will be posted here soon.

Day 4:

In your small teams, you will present your short stories to the class.

AP Seminar

Day 1: We will continue to work on your work from Friday with the hand approach. You will create your partner presentation on your hot topic from multiple perspectives. For homework, you will practice your presentations.

Day 2: As previously explained, you will present your hot topic presentation to the class. I will record them and you will reflect on how to improve your own presentation skills. Yes, it is weird to watch yourself, but I promise it helps!

Day 3: We will move into source evaluation and credibility and I will introduce the acronym RAVEN.

Day 4: TBD – We will continue working with RAVEN and source evaluation.

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