The Week Ahead: September 9th to 13th, 2019

It’s a new week and it’s a spirit week!Image result for costa rican flag

Tuesday: Costa Rican Jersey Day

Wednesday: Wear Red, White, and/or Blue

Thursday: Costarriquenismos T-shirt (a shirt with a CR saying…think “Pura Vida”)

Friday: Traditional Costa Rican attire

9th Grade:

Day 1

We will begin the week with your spelling test. Don’t forget to complete your spelling practice and submit it before the test. You can find digital copies of the worksheets on Google Classroom. If you don’t submit your 3 practices before the test, you cannot complete a retake of the test.

After the test, we will complete a review for the test that you will take on Tuesday. The test will cover plot structure, conflict, character types, and theme. Your homework is to study and read!

Day 2

Summative assessment day! Make sure you have your independent reading book so that if you finish our test, you have something to do after the test.

Day 3

For our final day of content, we will be introduced to Shakespeare! I have a few games and tricks up my sleeve.

Day 4

We will have another independent reading day! Be sure to have your books with you – by this point, I should have your honors texts available to you! Over the weekend, your homework will be to continue to read and to study for your spelling test.


AP Seminar


We will be moving away from the Convention on the Rights of the Child and into Global Goal number 6, clean water and sanitation. While our discussion on children’s rights are not done, we will table them for a little so that we can continue to work on honing our skills. For homework, you will prepare for another Socratic seminar which will be focused on the question: What’s the problem with water?


Another day, another Socratic seminar. This one will be counted as a summative grade. You did so well last week. Make sure your questions are open-ended and you have gathered notes and research on the topic that you can reference during the seminar.


Time to start our first exam simulation. We will be forming small teams and creating questions surrounding the issue of water around the world. Each team will create a research question and then split into lenses. Together we will modify and refine your team’s research questions.


This will be a shortened period due to our Independence Day celebrations. To wrap up the week, I will give a lesson on how to research using EBSCO and Google. I will also be introducing you to our first major writing assignment, an annotated bibliography. Your homework will be to begin researching and reading.

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