The Week Ahead: September 30th to October 4, 2019


Day 1:

We are back to our regularly scheduled spelling tests. You have had your spelling list for TWO weeks at this point. There is NO reason that you should not be receiving an A on this test! Make sure to practice this weekend. If you forgot to grab practice sheets, you can find them on Google Classroom under the spelling section.

We will also go over our new observation and create our new lists. Your next spelling test will take place on Monday, October 7th.

Once we finish our spelling section, you will be rejoining up with your acting troupe’s and you will practice your scene from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Make sure you check out the page on this website that I have created for our reading of the play. How to get there: Student Center -> CDS  Grade 9 ELA -> Resources: A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare 

Your homework will be to write out the vocabulary definitions for Act 1. Further directions will be given in class.

Day 2:

Time to perform! In class, you will perform your scene from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. After, we will talk about the order of the scenes, and how understanding these scenes will help us understand the rest of the play. Your homework will be to read Act 1 at home, annotating and creating questions for class the next time we meet.

Day 3:

We will start class by discussing/sharing the questions you came up with, reviewing vocabulary, and then eventually listening to Act 1 of the play. If needed, our discussion will continue through to Day 4.

Day 4:

You will have a formative, check-in, assessment on your last day of class this week. It will ask you about the themes, the plot, and your comprehension of the overall story. This will help me to see where you are at with this and how we can move forward.

Any extra time will be used for independent reading.  Don’t forget to check in on your assignment for independent reading. You have a draft due on October 11th and your final is due on October 13th. All details can be found on Google Classroom under “Independent Reading.”

AP Seminar

Monday: It’s time to learn about Line of Reasoning (LOR) and the LOR tree! We will learn the concept and practice it in class. Search LOR or Tree on this site to see what I am talking about if you are curious!

Tuesday: Then, you will apply the LOR lesson to the solutions and resolutions that your team has come up with. It will be a classwork and brainstorm day!

Thursday: Presentations Prep!

Friday: Presentations! It is time to dress to impress and to teach me something about water!

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