The Week Ahead: October 14 to 20, 2019

Here we go! The first three day weekend of the year! I hope that you enjoy the weekend and get some rest! Be sure to read below because there are MAJOR schedule changes for the week.

There is NO SCHOOl on MONDAY, October 14th!

Wednesday, October 16th is a 1/2 day due to the PSAT.

Therefore, the schedule for Tuesday, Thursday and Friday have the following schedule:

Screen Shot 2019-10-08 at 11.56.42 AM

All classes will meet three times this week!

9th Grade

Tuesday: Be sure to bring a draft of your independent reading project. We will be doing peer review stations in class. Your final draft will be due on October 18th by 11:59pm to Google Classroom.

Thursday: We will take the period to watch Act 2 of the film.

Friday: In small groups, you will work together to analyze the plot and theme of Acts 1 and 2. For homework, I will ask that you give reading Act 3, Scene 1 a try!

AP Seminar

Tuesday: We will discuss chapters three and five of the textbook for the first 1/2 of class led by Holley and Federico. We will also begin discussing what it means to be in good health. Your homework will be to read chapter 15. we will discuss it in class on Friday.

Thursday: To send off the week, we will begin preparation for a debate on vaccinations (see what I did there with your summative assessment this week?). I will introduce your stimulus packet and split you into sides for the debate. I will share the debate format in class. For homework, you will need to take in the information provided for you in the stimulus materials and you will also be ready to work with your team on Monday to prepare for the debate

Friday: We will discuss chapter 15 in a discussion led by Bryan. Any time left over in class will be allotted to teamwork time for the debate.

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