The Week Ahead: October 28 – November 3, 2019


Day 1: We will begin the week with a spelling test that has a focus on portmanteau words. Then we will begin a new list and observation: “Understand that many English words have Greek and Latin roots such as ‘equa’ meaning equal.

Once the spelling work has been completed we will watch Act 3, Scene 2. For homework, you will read all of Act 4.

Day 2: When you come to class on day 2, I will split you up and in small groups, you will practice acting out pieces of Act 4, Scene 1.

Day 3: Day 3 you will act with your small groups. For homework, you will read all of Act 5.

Day 4: Together we will watch Act 5! That’s the end of the play!!! Your homework for the weekend will be to prepare for your spelling test

Don’t forget, you should be reading at home. If you are looking for an audiobook for Romeo & Juliet, please follow this link.


AP Seminar

Monday: We will be wrapping up our final student-led discussion of the “They Say/I Say” text. Be sure to have read chapters 7&8 to be prepared. The second half of the class will lead us into a discussion on global health problems which will lead us to our next project.

Tuesday: Time to create a new research question and to start an individual project. You will get to explore global health problems and create an awareness campaign plan for a social media platform. You will create your question and start to look at some research.

Thursday: We will share out our new research questions and we will give each other feedback and suggestions before learning about part one of the project – a mini annotated bibliography! Directions will be uploaded to Google Classroom.

Friday: Work and research day! Time to get moving on that annotated bibliography which will be due on Monday, November 4th by 11:59pm.

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