The Week Ahead: November 11 – 17th, 2019

Can you believe that we have TWO full weeks left until winter break? We also have 1/2 a week for thanksgiving, a week of review, and then finals. So in total, we have four full weeks…but still, only two are full curriculum weeks. This is not just for my class, it’s for ALL of your classes. Be sure to be checking in on your grades and asking for help when you need it! Don’t let midterms sneak up on you or your first report card!

This week will be a workweek for both AP Seminar and English 9. You are both beginning new units/projects.

English 9

Day 1: We have a spelling test and a new observation. We are continuing our study on roots and this week our observations is: “understand that many English words have Greek and Latin roots such as “spec” meaning see or look.” Your next spelling test will be Monday, November 25th.

Once we are done with your spelling tests, I will return your quarter one independent reading assessment and discuss what EVERYONE needs to work on for their next major piece of writing.

This leads us to our first big essay of the year! I will use the second half of class to introduce your theme essay for A Midsummer Night’s Dream which will work as a prep for your midterm essay in a few weeks. Watch out on Google Classroom for all of the specifics for both essays to be posted soon.

Day 2, 3, & 4: The rest of the week will be workdays and scaffolding work on your essay. You will need to submit an outline of our essay to Google Classroom on November 13th. Further directions will be shared on Google Classroom.  Monday, November 18th will will a peer review day and conference with Miss K day.  Your final essay will be due on November 20th!

I will be out Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday but, I will be available via email. If at any point you need to take a break from planning and writing, then be sure to work on reading your independent reading book!

AP Seminar

Monday: Monday is all about presentations! You will be pitching your awareness campaign to the amazing panel of CDS WHO volunteers! This will take most of the period. Any time left will be to debrief.

Tuesday: It’s time to start our FINAL unit! Can you believe it? We are going to study the education system with the end goal of writing an argumentative essay outlining a problem and proposed solution. But first, we need to learn a bit about what we know about schools and what we think the perfect school would look like. So, it’s time to discuss it!

Thursday & Friday: I am leaving you on your own for a few days and you will watch the documentary Most Likely to Succeed. It will take the whole two periods and you will have a follow-up reflection due on Monday. It will be posted to Google Classroom.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, please email me!

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