The Week Ahead: February 3 to 7, 2020

CDS Spirit Days & World Read Aloud Day!

Monday – Anything But the Soccer Player (think: referee, field/grass, goal post, ball, vendor, spectator, coach, etc. – be creative)

Tuesday – CDS Spirit! Red, black, and white!

Wednesday – Dress as your favorite book character! AND bring a children’s book to read with children from EC during E period!

9th Grade

Day 1: Let’s review chapters 1-3 and chat about objective summary writing!

Day 2: Group reading of Chapters 4, 5, & 6. There will be a set of questions to answer and discuss.

Day 3: SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT – Objective summary of chapters 4-6 which we will read together in class!

Day 4: Independent Reading Day

*E period, you will be skipping independent reading because World Read Aloud day will interfere with our classwork*

*AASCA players – you will receive your question for chapters 4-6 on Monday and you will need to schedule a makeup assessment period when you return to show your understanding of objective summaries and chapters 4-6.*

AP Seminar

Monday: IRR Research Day

Tuesday: IRR Research Day

Thursday: IRR Work Day — Research Log will be checked at the beginning of class!

Friday: IRR Work Day — Research paper is due Monday evening!

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