The Week Ahead: February 17-23, 2020

I THINK we are moving back into a period of time when everyone should be back in class…although this week is only a four day week!

You will meet with each class three times this week, except period G which will meet four times. The schedule will not change from how it looks every other week of the year. Just skip Monday.

9th Grade

We have finished reading Anthem! Many of you showed me that while you didn’t love it, you didn’t all hate it. I can’t wait to read your comparison essays between Anthem and North Korea as explained in the CommonLit “Total Control in North Korea.” Those are due Sunday, February 16th.

Day 1: I will introduce the Anthem essay prompts in class and we will break them down. They are coming from the official Anthem essay contest page, found here.

Day 2: Together you will brainstorm ways to answer these prompts and create thesis statements to start your essay.

Day 3: Finally, you will peer edit or conference with me to finalize your thesis statement and you will begin to outline your essay.

Your ONLY homework this week will be to continue your INDEPENDENT READING!

AP Seminar

You will be working on your team multimedia project all week. You should be ready to practice your presentation in class on Monday, February 24th. Official presentations will take place on Tuesday, February 25th.

You have to give me your permission slips/notification for the Saturday Session by Thursday!!!

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