The Week Ahead: February 24th to 28th, 2020

9th Grade

Day 1: We will continue working on thesis statements and movement into outlining your essay about Anthem.

Day 2 & Day 3: You will use class time to finish your outline and draft your essay.

Day 4: You will have the choice to continue working on your essay OR you may read for independent reading. By the end of Friday, you should be finished with your independent reading book.

By Monday, March 2nd, you will need to have a draft of your essay ready to be peer-reviewed. You are being given an ample amount of class time to complete your work. YOU need to manage your time and do work at home as needed.


AP Seminar

Monday: Our oil-drilling group will be finalizing your presentation. Our other group – you will be making some final plans and adjustments.

Tuesday: We will meet in the library for the presentation. Any time that will be left will be used to work on your stimulus material exploration and prep-work.

Thursday: This will be our first day of exploration into the stimulus material. If you check out Google Classroom, you will see the various assignment and questions to prepare you for the discussions in class.

On Thursday we will have a guest speaker…so it is REALLY important to do the prep-work!

Friday: We will continue to explore the stimulus material. Again, it is all laid out on Google Classroom.

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